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Text for Page 060 [08-13-1853]

              as sleeping companion.    Quite a Homeric Offer.       Up stairs,
getting acquainted with every body.        And abed by 11 �.
  14. Sunday.   Rose early, as wont.      Wash &c. Long
talk with an elderly New Yorker, Greenwood.    Rich old gentleman,
well informed, travelling with his son.      Going to the Mammoth
Cave anon, where I�ll go.         He�d had his skull slightly
damaged by a scuttle falling on�t in a New York fire, in his
youth.         Told some fine things anent Niagara, ere houses &
hotels were there.  How a relative, (I think brother) had visited
a sort of cave, past the Cave of the Winds, with a daring Indian,
for rare stones.        Make use of that in a story some day. Break-
fast, and a good one.        We now were approaching where the
Pictured Rocks commence upon the Southern shore of Superior.   But
bright as the sun had arisen, and clear as the day at first looked,
soon a close white mist hung over everything, we could scarce see
a hundred yards.       So I scribbled.    And anon comes the captain
and Montgomery, bidding me join a favoured few in a boat ex
cursion to the shore.        Off we put to the envy of everybody. Swan,
Northberry, (good-looking Detroit Editor.) and others.   Right through
the ghostly shroud of mist, and soon the Sam Ward was invisi-
ble.        Fellows rowing sturdily, Mc Elrath of the number.
15 minutes, and a rocky shore of 70 feet rises before us, all
hardened sandstone.   (I had forgot to mention ere the fog
appeared, we had seen long mounds of sand hills, bare and
desolate-looking, no trace of vegetation visible.) Grand Sable,  Landing on
the rock, the first man that leaped cried out.   The whole
shroud was covered with the most beautiful and varied stones.   Cornel-               
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