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Text for Page 067 [08-15-1853]

              15. Monday.   Up by 5 1/2.     Talks with Lewis & Northberry in
the forepart of the boat, where the carven image of Sam Ward, as
like him as I to Hercules served as figure-head.       Northberry�s
story how E.B. Ward commenced Captain.  Boat aground at Chi-
cago,  (name in Indian for �Skunk�;)  Captain about to abandon her,
Ward disputed it, and they fought as to who should command.  Ward
the victor.)    7 o�clock and we are laying at Marquette, a little,
ten years back located place, named after the Ancient Missionary.
Why hasn�t Rene Mesnard stood godfather to a town yet ?   Twelve
miles back are Iron mines.         Disembarking with Northberry, Lewis,
Mr Elrath and others at the little unfinished pier, the piles of
which cast reflections like wiggling worms in the rippling lake water;
we gymnastically progressed on beams which an inebriated wooden-leg-
ged man would have found difficulty in crossing, to the land. Up
a bank, and into a place where Iron, the bones of the Giant Ci-
vilization was being wrought into dumpy bass or blooms.    A ponderous
hammer worked in simple, primitive manner by steam
a man astride a huge roughened bar of metal, turning it round, 
so that the strokes might descend and sever the heated
end.       Big furnaces fed by charred wood.   Twas a big shed, this
edifice, a chimney on the rock behind, with a sort of viaduct
leading to�t.         Near were masses of ore.     We got several spe-
cimens, mostly very pure, [unclear word] pure metal.    Back into another
compartment of shed, where the ore was bruised into powder, by four
or five piles, steamworked from above, one being in a rough trough
below.           Marquette is but a few houses, folks fish a little,
but chiefly ply Iron-delving.             Aboard, breakfast, an attempt               
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