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Text for Page 069 [08-15-1853]

              Fort Huron Lewis took a mile walk through the trees, to the
�Fort,�  Captain Estabrook passing us on horseback.   Across
a pretty little stream, rushing down in little rapids, and to a neatly Lake Fanny Hoe
built house, �fort-like�.      There was a government station while
home here, with soldiers, but there being no need of �em tis abando-
ned.      Visiting the house.    A Doctor Livermore, with family, the
female members of it about to accompany us on our tour.   Lots of
mineral specimens, and Indian curiosities.   A clumsily carven knob-
bed club which had slain, so said its red owner 7 men.       But
the folk are ready.    A middle aged woman, two younger ones, one
plump, in bloomer hat, both rather pretty one with long curls.   All
into the boat, and are rowed back; weather threatening rapid change,
lightning darting chain-like through the obscured sky, and thunder
reverberating over the lake.       Just in time we gained the Sam
Ward.      Down came the driving rain, the lightning flashed
far and wide, and heavy rolling and deep muttering bellowed
the thunder.   We are off again.     Supper.      Subsequently while
sitting in the ladies cabin, talking with Lewis, a horrible clamor
arose over head.      Something, a spar had fallen, and there was
a rush, and a cry that the boat was struck by lightning.    The
panic over, I went to my cabin, opened the door looking lake-
wards and gazed forth.     �Twas a grand sight.       The sun
of a ghastly yellow red was sinking, and his beams, and those
of the leaping lightning were mirrored over the wild lake, where
                                        �The rain
                      Was sawing wide the fruitless main!�
For some time it continued, the lightning chain-like, and particu-               
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