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Text for Page 097 [03-30-1850]

              Extremely unwell, indigestion, calomel pill-taking, heavy of
heart and head � (all produced by want of exercise.)    A letter
from Wing � he at Fall River.       Read at cold time all the numbers
of Dickens�  �Copperfield,� leant to me by a young Irish Architect-in
training yclept Mapother here � (like Borsmaison in face.)  In and out
my room.      On Thursday morning, through the muddy, slushy streets
to dun Butler for the $7, which I didn�t get.  And walking back, wet
up to the ancles, � boots being horribly leaky, could well understand the
ugly feeling of poverty.       Joe Greatbatch called on Saturday evening (for
a book. ) [words crossed out] 
! �
  31. Sunday.  Drawing in the morning.   Afternoon a pleasant, sunny
walk on the Battery.
  1. Monday. �Mose� till evening. �Terre! terre! I see land!�
At work on the last one now.        In the evening with Mapother to
the �Tabernacle.� Rechabite, or te-total festival. Singing and speech
ifying.  Strange is it what a very Bucephalus each man�s hobby becomes
in his own eyes.  Nokes makes mouse-traps for a score of years, and by
that time gets a fixed idea that it is one of the highest, gravest and
important things in existence � that the Sun was pre-ordained and
created for the purpose of giving him light � (while making mouse-traps.)
So is it with each mental-mousetrap-manufacture � Temperance, Abo-               
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