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Text for Page 071 [08-16-1853]

              savage faced and portly, might have seen seventy years, three young
women; two as pretty as Indians can be, that is with large full
eyes, but coarse features, and long sleek black hair; and two or
three slender limbed elfin looking urchins about.   They know no En-
glish, and therefore were not conversable.    But on our giving the
children small silver coins, they seemed friendly enow.    The girls
leered slyly out of the corners of their eyes, and I�ll swear on of
�em was criticiscising my beard in her dialect.    They were attired in
bright hued Indian costume.   The adjacent cottages were timber &
bark built, rude enow, but endurable.       I peeped in, but a few
skins and sleeping arrangements.       I regret to say they were feeding
at a pine table, and had plates, � Ontonagon civilization had
evidently detiorated them.         We left, and retracing our steps
along the sandy shore soon came upon others.  A canoe with two 
or three squaws in�t, with underjaws projecting, and ill-looking.
One English word they had in perfection, ��twas �whiskey.�   And
by leerings and beckonings they invited us to a walk in the woods,
which amatory invitations were not accepted.   So they rowed off. Close
by was one of the men, a most picturesque fellow, as we stood
looking and gesticulating with him.  He had long lank, black
hair, high cheek-bones, low forehead, broad face and slim, tall,
though stooping figure.   He was attired in a loose cotton shirt, leg-
gings, bare brown thigh intervening, and over all a voluminous
blue blanket.   He had no head dress.      Beside him was a 
wild, Murillo looking bag.       /            To the village, talk &
imbibition, and after some hour and a half back to the boat.
I talking with an elderly, strongly featured cosmopolitan New               
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