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Text for Page 076 [08-17-1853]

              down and shoulders up, staring or leering at the strangers. / Returning
to boat & breakfast, subsequently their was a lively scene outside, with
the red men & half breeds.         Some of the poor Indians provoked pity,
they seemed so simple natured and laughing.  One old man I met
on the boat had not a bad head, and was painted, vermillion daubed
over his cheeks.    But the most perfect bit of Indian life was a canoe
& its contents.    Twas birch bark as wont, and in the storm sat
its owner, a square faced brown featured fellow, attired only in
a loose long cotton frock, blue and exceedingly dirty.    He squatted
there, his chin & cheek resting on his hand, an attitude in which
he was imitated by a squaw, of which there were two in the boat,
both crouching savage like, gazing up, paddles in hand at the steam-
boat.    Three or four children, little, large eyed, black mopped crea-
tures, each with little paddles.      A heap of fish in the boat, a tin
kettle for cooking, and two dog-pups completed the contents of this
turn out.        The fellow had come to sell his fish, and grinned as
he put the silver coin paid him into a skin bag.      /          Many of
the red-skins were smoking, a mixture of tobacco & a sort of scraped
willow bark. / Aboard, and moving again. Talks with folk.
With Swan & sister, anon with pretty Bertha Livermore. There�s
an ugly fellow with projecting lower jaw, red mustache and crescent
whisker who dangleth after her in unseemly manner. Also, this
I had from another girl, a report of a beloved one in California.
Talks with others, with a good-featured Irishwoman, dwelling on this
Lake Shore, who was tender-hearted anent �Uncle Tom�.    With other
girls.        Meantime we we stirring, briskly plashing westwards.  Passed
the Twelve Apostles, the Seven Devils, and Three Sisters, Islands               
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