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Text for Page 098 [04-01-1850]

              lition, Currency � Bah!	Stroll about Broadway.
  2. Tuesday. �Mose� all day, and evening. Mapother with
me during the latter.	     /	     I don�t like the snuffling
boarding-house mistress at all, �at all.�  Fat people, if not (as they
ought to be), good humoured, are generally hatefully mean and
  3. Wednesday. �Mose� all day
  4. Thursday.   At length my long job completed. Carpen-
tering, box preparing all the afternoon. Too late to send them off
to day.
  5. Friday.  Got the box transferred to Pier No 1; then took a 
moody melancholic walk on the Battery, thinking what in God�s name
I shall do if Hart does not pay me.           Called on Bobbett and 
Edmonds, then looked in on Hardin Andrews, who speaks of calling
on me to morrow.	      Sitting in the spitting room all the after-
noon, in company with old Mr. Kent.  A man advanced in years must
feel the loss of home-comforts � and this wretched boarding-home life
� if possible more than I do.		/           This blistering snowy
night, taking out Shelley, and looking into the wondrous, greatest
work of his great mind � the Prometheus, was impressed by the lines
			�Ere Babylon was dust
	The Magus Zoroaster, my dead child
	Met his own image walking in the garden.               
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