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Text for Page 082 [08-18-1853]

              score of savages; they appearing unaffectedly glad to see him, and he
a sturdy man in authority here.        His store�s interior was rough
to view, but spacious and compact enough.        A roughly-framed counter
running half round the room, shelves and boxes, and matters of
traffic.        Above, covering half the apartment, and reached by a
primitively made Crusoe ladder was another room.     I went up. Twas
filled with iron ware, pots, pans, boots, clothes, a couch with mus-
quito-net over it in midst of all, and garments hanging about.     A
red-curtain hung over the entrance by which access was gained.   Below
again, amidst the crowd, grinning, in-toed, simple savages side
by side with keen Anglo-American faces and broad cloth, or pretty
women, shawled, fair-faced and Bloomer-hatted.  Godfroy, (or
�Fond-du-Lac�, as he was more universally called;) was talking in his
hard, rough, quaint style, enquiries raining on him from every
side.            People bother him about Agates to sell, � (there�s been
a perfect Mania on that subject ever since we left the Sault, inso-
much that I shall be considerably relieved, when everybody�s got agates,
or when the Lake shores afford none for �em;) � but Godfroy has�nt
anything to sell.        Rambling out all around.    The burial
ground.     Two or three wooden-crosses, � the dead bodies evidently
deposited in very shallow graves, perhaps two feet below the surface
and wooded over with shingle.  On a rough post his at the head
of one, a scalp was drying, coarse brown human hair attached to
a piece of dried rusty-red-stained skin.         Rambles through the
village walking into hut and tent as we listed.        Some of the huts
were though roughly-enough put together yet weather proof, but the
conical tents of skin or bark miserable.   The former occasionally               
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