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Text for Page 087 [08-19-1853]

              and descent to the rivers margin.   Attempt to cross a little bayou, 
on floating logs, with the result of immersion knee high.    Back, emptied
boots of water, scaled hillside and thicket, and anon struck off attract-
ed by the musical voices of women, to where others of the passengers were,
part of another boat-load.  Swan, Miss Compston and others.    Soon
amid the green leaves I spy the curls and white sun-bonnet of pretty
Bertha Livermore.  Her sister, pretty also, and not so girlish in
figure, surmounted by a huge Bloomer hat; their mother, and the 
red moustache.           I join �em, and soon we are all grouped
in a party of our own on the hill-side, some in shade, some in
sun-light, according to his the liking of each.    I recline at Bertha�s
feet.    Much badinage and funniment.     The rest of the party,
consist of Mr Barr, tall, good-humored and sensible, red-mus-
tache and his sister, and three or four men.    Talk and then
vocalization.     I got mightily popular, and the mirth
and fun waxes apace.   Small practical jocularities, filling Barr�s
pockets with sticks and pinning kerchief to coat-back.  Bertha�s
brown eyes twinkle merrily, and coquettishly she dons her sisters
big hat, looking all the prettier for�t.       There�s a certain staid
demureness about her, and she�s not so free as others.    Old lady
talks, and we get very friendly.     Much singing, and presently
our circle has increased by some six or seven.    Two pleasant
hours thus, and then all rambling through the thicket and trees, 
in search of a little spring that had been discovered.     Reaching it
in [chance?], I with others drink out of a primitive beech-bark
cup made by the former Font du Lac blacksmith.    Anon I
fetch the girls.        More forest strolling, where a party were feeding,               
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