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Text for Page 090 [08-19-1853]

              soon pronounced to be the �Baltimore�.   They near us, and cheers
are given.    Soon the two vessels are together, great crowdings and inter-
changing of greetings, I above, on the roof of the upper deck in company
with the Livermores, red-mustache, (who�s not a bad fellow, and hight
Buckley;) and other feminines, watching the scene.  We�re off again,
having taken two or three of the �Baltimore�s�  passengers aboard,
some of ours going off to them.    From one, Van Anden, (�Saut� man) I
learn, they started on Saturday, have seen but little, also that the
fellow who fell overboard from the canoe in Monday night�s storm
swam to shore.    He ought to have been drowned, and I shall drown
him in print for the sake of the incident.      But I doubt the identity
of the case.    T�was far from shore, and a wild night, also his res-
cued comrade said he couldn�t swim. The poor fellow was drowned after all.  Sitting in 
the stern part
of the boat, imbibing lemonade and talking to girls. Bertha�s just
a pretty girl and no more, mouth is faulty.       But her eyes and
curls, and a delicate little suggestion of a moustache remind me of
Lotty.      I rather think � Nellie� Burtenshaw�, as she writes her-
self has the kindest face aboard, but her eyes are too near together.
She�s married.       /              A race �twixt us and the Bal-
timore, they firing up at a great rate, volumes of white smoke
issuing from their chimney, black from ours.        They got ahead of
us, cross over defyingly, and pay for the bravado, by dropping
astern, and staying there.   During the race, all the girls are
inquiring whether we can�t beat em, all the old ladies, hoping no
racing is to be done, are commencing a mild fainting fit.  /
Writing.      A talk with Frisell in his cabin, at his invite, over
a glass of excellent brandy.        The most notable man on board this,               
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