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Text for Page 091 [08-19-1853]

              sixty years old, with stout, burly form, square resolute face, bold
aquiline nose, grey hair and eyes, � a compact self confident man.
Commenced life in the army, at 18 as Lieutenant, has travel-
led surveying, much in Canada &c, has kept record of each day
for thirty years, also copies of all business lettesr and sums. Is well
to do, wedded, and has sons & daughters, old as 30.  He tells
me of his anticipated Amazon expedition, in October.  Also that
he lent money, some $50 to boy Mc Elrath, on the note of
hand of another whom he knew a safe man, as young Mc hadn�t $
to do the St Paul excursion.     Also that he supposes his determi-
nation to go was induced by the past quizzings about the impromptu
bath, and dread of reporters in future.          /       Dinner. Coasting
along the northern shore eastwards, and the decks thronged by lookers
on.     Sitting in the fore part of the boat with Barr, Northberry, the
two Livermore girls, their mother and brother, idly talking, or looking
telescopically of naturally at the wild loveliness of the untrodden
Minnesota shore.        Mighty ranges of forest crowned mountains, now
rising steep rocky and precipitous from the dancing waves of the broad
lake to the height of 150 feet or more, now rounded, or
sloping away on either side.        Little streams, caves and a national
bridge.    Steep perpendicular slabs of Argillicus slate, ore
here and there Cyenite, [unclear word], and trap-range.    Little
bayous and curves, all beautiful, and wood-surmounted.   This
for miles and miles under an unclouded sky.   Wild birds are
seen, solitary looking.   On all the glorious afternoon, and at length
we are striking out wider from shore, and a long blue line
only indicates the shore line.       Evening.     Dancing going on               
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