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Text for Page 096 [08-20-1853]

              six feet in length.     A beautiful night, stars bright clear and cold.
On for half an hour.  Copper Harbour, where the Livermores disem-
bark.    A good grasp of the hand of the brother, a smile and
half laugh from pretty Eugenia, a little hand-pressure from brown
eyed, daintily curled, demure, lisping Bertha, and they pass off
� for Evermore.       Pleasant Michigan people how much I�ve learned
to like you in one brief week, and how I can fancy the quiet, good
home you have in these wild shores.          One of the ten thousand
reasons I have to be glad of about this travel is that I�ve seen
how little New York is America by it.     How many frank, well-
informed men have I met aboard this boat too.    Assuredly more than
I should find in English country parts.        I do honor this great country,
and the more, day by day.       /         A bit of a ramble on shore
with Hillard, the Aurora Borealis faintly seen, up streaming
from the northern horizon.
  21.  Monday.  Stretching off due eastwards for the Island of
Michipicotten, a brisk gale blowing chill and strong, naught to
be seen but tumbling billows. Thermometer down to 53.     Talk with a shrewd New 
born, Detroit inhabiting man anent the copper mining, in detail.
Of the ancient mines found, to the extent of perhaps thirty, with
employments, the work of an extinct people.    Indian tradition men-
tioned by Houghton, of a fight nigh Portage lake in which this
people may have been conquered and exterminated.     Not the Norse-
men who came hither ere the Norman conquest tower at Newport. for their minings,
by trench, not shaft, were much ruder than that of the races of
the European shores.     /           Stories of bears entering the miners pro-
vision stores, devouring provant, one biting the heel of a sleeping               
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