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Text for Page 097 [08-21-1853]

              man.     Deers ta�en in the snow, their sharp hoofs penetrating,
and men chasing �em in show-shoes, throat cutting the result.
Porcupines caught and esteemed by miners delicate eating, like
pork, albeit a grass eating animal.          Miners Cornish men,
Germans and French, get paid according to their work.    /     At
1 1/2 reached Michipicoten Island, nigh the north east shore
of the Lake.    Some eighteen miles in length, huge tree covered
mountains rising to a height of 700 feet, rocky everywhere.
Folks ashore, and owing to missing boats in two several occasions,
I did not go this time, but remained aboard in no very good
temper for two good hours, at the expiration of which time
the stragglers were got aboard, with damaged boot soles from rock
rambling & no agates.      On coasting beside the island for some
miles, then general disembarkation at about 5.   Three or
four huts, and adjacent the shaft of a silver and copper
mine,   After pumping a supply of air below, I with others
descend a perpendicular and very dirty ladder for 60 feet,
adown the shaft, a strange misty light from the opening above.
At the bottom a lighted candle stuck in the rock.  A steep,
narrow passage winding onwards, two miners with picks and 
us visitors.    Ascent, and rambling about, getting specimens
of minerals &c, listening to the Mine Superintendant, who told
of a strange amalgamate metal, copper, silver and an unknown
metal combined, the identity of which puzzled him. Specimens 
given.        Rambling to the huts, and agate purchasing by
many.      A sturdy miner, communicative bade us walk on
to where, by the lake side, we spy an Indian council, bark               
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