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Text for Page 100 [04-08-1850]

              Letters arrive from home, from my mother and Naomi.
Very anxious about Hart, as I�ve but $6 in the world.
  9. Tuesday. Went to Bobbett and Edmonds.   Orr�s � he
out.   A miserable walk on the Battery, though the day was bright
enough, the waves leaping and sparkling around.     In
the afternoon called at Andrews� � then at Nassau St, and
in the old place on Morse, my former pupil, who was there.
Sat and talked together.    Very sad at heart when thinking
of how, more eagerly, I looked forward to success, that time, than
now.            To bed early, at night, so anxious and wretched
about not getting letter and money from Hart, that I cannot 
over-pen it.     God help me, if the man�s not honest.
  10. Wednesday.   With Hart, (Mapother�s �boss�) to the Supe-
rior Court City Hall. [words crossed out]. Evening, Hardin Andrews
and a be-cloaked friend of his ycleped the Doctor, call.   Up in my room
where �the Colonel� telleth of his purport to start a �Punch�-like serial dub-
bed the �New York Picayune � and wisheth a design for cover.   Out with
them, � talk literary and national, � brandy, cigars and sherry sangarees.
  11. Thursday.  Finished letter for M, and wrote to Hart, telling him
I was approaching hard-upness.          Afternoon out to Post Office, with Hart
and Mapother, (which latter joined us at Jersey Ferry.)       I made a call
at Orr�s.       Stroll on the Battery, then return.
  12. Friday.  Went to Garbelle�s rooms in Broadway, wishing               
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