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Text for Page 102 [08-31-1853]

              clambered over, but as the boy spoken of by Sam Weller said
touching learning the Alphabet, �tis scarcely worth the trouble.
  Another time, one lovely sunset I with Barth, his wife and
three of her sisters, strolled to the Sugar Loaf Rock, passing
by Skull Cave, � a place where Alexander Henry was concealed
by a friendly Indian after the massacre of Michillimackinac, � &
where he lay on a pile of human bones, � (I crawled in part of the
way, � it don�t go far.) we came to the monstrous conical
rock, rising up some sixty feet, forest trees all around it
almost blockading it to the view, below.      Stunted firs and
trees grow upon it; it has little caverns and holes in its rough
limestone sides, one of which is reached by a rustic ladder.   It
may be fifty feet wide, twenty thick.       The Sugar Loaf shape
is distinct enugh on one side, but altogether lost elsewhere.
�Tis a notable rock, and seen from rising ridges in the
beautiful island, appears to issue grandly up from the verdure
engirdling it in most picturesque manner.      /         A bathe I
& Barth had, in the Lake that Sunday afternoon, enjoyable 
though chill.
  From Thursday the First, to Friday, the Ninth.  Passed as
heretofore, with variations.   Six Lake Superior letters have I now
completed, duly dispatching them New York-wards.   No 1 has
reached me in print.    Some eight or ten Picayune cuts also, having
now used up all my box-wood.     Certain, though not numerous
evening walks with Barth; and on Sunday, with him, his wife,               
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