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Text for Page 104 [09-09-1853]

              till a winding path being reached we pursue it for twenty minutes or
so, at length arriving to where, almost hidden by trees, and rising
from a mound of earth, decaying leaves & vegetation of which all the
soil thereabouts is composed, a great mass of rock appeared, inside
which, hollowed out by Nature is a small cave, spacious enough to
stand up in, rough, damp and rocky.     �Tis known as Scott�s cave
from it�s discoverer.   /                 Bathing every fine afternoon with
Barth, generally below the Folly Rock, sometimes when the surf
came rolling in with grand-hollow roar on pebbly beach and rock base,
sometimes when only a calm ripple fretted the lake-floor, which clear
as crystal showed every stone and rock below.     High above, the yellowish
white lime-stone rock shews out strongly against, green foliage and introub-
led blue sky.    Anon a tranquil smoke as we lay rolling in the bles-
sed sun-light, with talk on many things; then back to the Suttler�s
store were Barth dispensed beer to thirty German or Irish soldiers,
duly crouching the amount consumed to be hereafter paid for when they got
paid.       I drawing away on Picayune blocks meanwhile; the writing I did
over at the House, Mrs Barth moving silently about her household duties,
or sometimes discursively talking, the which might perchance delay my scribblings
a little, but was quite the reverse of unpleasing.       Evenings, I would light
my long Indian pipe, Barth his ollindeen, & we�d talk. Of books, of
man, of Earth and Heaven, things past, present and to be   A pleasant
time surely.  Somewhat busier than I�d wish to be, but �tis pleasant em-
ploy, & little desire have I to cavil at it.
  10. Saturday.   Having projected a sail-boat excursion to Old Fort
Michillimackinac, in company with Barth & one Logan, a Scots-
Border born farmer living on the Island; we were about setting               
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