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Text for Page 106 [09-11-1853]

              Rock, the girls being with us.    Hayes, a little quaint-speaking Lon-
doner walks over the Arch, sticking out leg and miming as he does
it.   Waud partly crosses, and � turns back.           Pursuing our
walk we returned by nightfall, & they left us, returning to Logan�s.
  12.  Monday.   Down the town with Barth.    Inasmuch as no-
beer was procurable for the Store, Barth closed it, or left it in charge
of Thornton at 11, and together we rambled over to Logan�s; and
with Hayes and Waud had a bathe.  Dining with them afterwards
we then rambled along the cliff and beach, just past the Lover�s Leap,
to a natural Excavation in the rock yclept the �Devil�s Kitchen�.   It
is some ten or twelve feet above the rock-beach, and only to be approach-
ed by ascent up the loose bare trunk of a tree, stepping from little knot
and bough upwards, a very Zoological, Ursine proceeding.    Passing
through a circular opening, you then sit encaved, and slightly dirtied.
In the holes and crevices are many smooth loose rock tablets on which
folk here have black-lead-pencilled their names .  To these we seriously apply
and incline ourselves, affixing to them inscriptions and comments; also
writing any amount of incongruous autographs.      Waud below, sketches.
Descending, to the Lover�s Leap, the most notable rock on the Island.
Clambering up a precipitous pathway to the rear, we find a rude
ladder leading to the hinder part of the summit.     Ascending it, after
a little crawling you can look down on tall tree tops, rocks and
the beach and beating surf    feet below.          A forest ramble,
I reading the last �Bleak House� published in Harpers.         To the Hospi-
tal, and Waud & Hayes left.               A book talk and conver-
sational evening.
13.	Tuesday.  Walk down the town with Barth; Waud called               
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