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Text for Page 108 [09-14-1853]

              Barth, observing all the qualities of the isle, and nut-picking to a
great extent.     Pleasant, sunlit, dreamy, forest paths are there; little
leafy nooks where �twere pleasant to lie idly throughout the live-long
day, watching the trembling of the grass tops, so gently rippled by the
sweet Summer�s wind.   Where the shadows come and go, and the
heavy humble-bee hums about the wild flowers, and the scent of
the sweet-briar, incense-like, beclouds the brain with delight.  Where
the bright green leaves of the arbor vitae rustle with soft delicious
music, and thick and bushily spreading grow the hazel boughs.
Where premontory Autumn leaves, red, yellow and sere, speak of
the approaching death of the Year; sadly, though calmly suggestive
of the end of Man�s years.                  I find this thought, like a low
solemn chorus running through everything, the distant booming of
that far-off Eternity to which we all drift onwards.     Rendered in-
audible by the World-squabble and coarse brawling of City-life;
away in the beautiful Country, where no screen of hateful houses
intervenes �twixt God and you, you are ever conscious of it.
There�s a great Soul of Melancholy in all deep, heart-felt Hap-
piness.     And great Nature with her cabin eternal beauty
of varying seasons, so outwardly unsympathyzing, yet so kind, 
ever presents our own Finite to us.
  15.  Thursday.  A bathe in the still Lake during the
afternoon, then clambering up the steep cliff-face towards the
Arch Rock.    From this Lake-side, it is a notable rock
to look upon, and its arch varies altogether in shape from the
sharp-cut Early English are deservable on the in land side,
looking now round-flattened.    The smaller arch in the out-jutting               
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