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Text for Page 109 [09-15-1853]

              buttress on the left side is low, a steep sloping rocky descent leading
to and through it sideways downwards; where with swift dumb-crashing horror
would Hayes have rolled, had he stumbled from the Pons Asi-
norum above.      The rock slopes slightly onwards, below the left
side of the arch, great cliffs out-projecting and tree surmounted
in the foreground.       On the other side, �tis straight, short rough rock,
soon met by the steep sloping cliff, thicket and bush covered, save
where the precipitous paths stretch downwards.    Part of the way
up, seated on fit spot, I took a sketch, Barth scaling the
summit and gathering nuts.           It was a lovely, tranquil afternoon,
the sky blue as steel above, and scarce a breeze stirring the
tree tops.            So the day drew on; Barth�s wife & mother ^|in law| appeared
above for a space.                    Fort-wards, through the still trees,
long shades and sunset light, and an evening in doors.
  16.  Friday.  At the store with Barth during the forenoon; a solitary
ramble during the afternoon, enjoying the luxury of being alone. Lying
on the tall cliffs by the Folly Rock, looking on the lake a hun-
dred feet below, the roll of surf breaking along the shore.      Returning
at sunset, met Barth & Thornton, and with them to the 
Arch Rock.     Out on the summit of the huge buttress to the right,
(looking from in-land,) from whence the Arch springs; a bare, path
like space, wild trees and bushes fringing it, below which is the
awful precipice sheer down, or overhanging.         In doors all the
evening. Waud and Hayes appearing, stayed the evening. Mata-
  17.  Saturday.   A wet misty day, after a night with such a
storm I scarcely ever have witnessed its like.    For three hours did the               
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