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Girr, Chris Sidovar, M... (2)
Heazberg, Julia (2)
Niemeyer, Lucian (2)
Bates, Sara (1)
Bernstein (1)
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Year Range
1990-1994 (7)

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 Image: Reference: Subject - Name: Description / Note:

1. AC01-19-18 AC01-19-18 Bow, Joel Le Watercolors by Jim Thorpe artist Joe Le Bow

2. AC01-19-17 AC01-19-17 Huabang, Wei Wei Huabang's pieces are a ""blending of traditional Chinese elements and the abstract qualities of Western art""

3. AC01-19-16 AC01-19-16 Bowl displayed in ""Ancient Chinese Porcelain"" to illustrate ""the Chinese principle that useful objects should also be beautiful""

4. AC01-19-03 AC01-19-03 Girr, Chris; Sidovar, Matt Matt Sidovar '95 (l) & Chris Girr '94 setting up for Migrations of Meanings exhibition

5. AC01-19-02 AC01-19-02 Girr, Chris; Sidovar, Matt Chris Girr '94 left, & Matt Sidovar '95, setting up fo the Migrations of Meanings exhibition

6. AC01-19-24 AC01-19-24 Viera, Ricardo; Herzberg, Julia Looking at paintings in art gallery

7. AC01-19-08 AC01-19-08 Bates, Sara From the exhibit ""Migrations of Meaning"" shown from January 29-March 19

8. AC01-19-11 AC01-19-11 Man & woman jumping over chairs

9. AC01-19-20 AC01-19-20 Heazberg, Julia Julia Heazberg, independent curator & art historian, gives Lectures reception of Aspects of Contemporary Art in Chile Since 1982

10. AC01-19-07 AC01-19-07 Bernstein An Inca artifact from Bernstein's collection

11. AC01-19-04 AC01-19-04 Niemeyer, Lucian ""Many facets of Amish life are shown in Lucian Niemeyer's photographs""

12. AC01-19-21 AC01-19-21 Heazberg, Julia Julia Heazberg, independent curator & art historian looking at photo with man

13. AC01-19-01 AC01-19-01 Niemeyer, Lucian ""Celebrating the Tricentennial of the Amish Culture: Old Order Amish- Color Photography by Lucian Niemeyer""; displayed Jan 29-March 19

14. AC01-19-12 AC01-19-12 Peter D. Stimeling of Kempton, PA received the Keystone Prize

15. AC01-19-14 AC01-19-14 Lady with hair sculpture standing

16. AC01-19-22 AC01-19-22 Sinclair, Bruce; Cooper, Gail Viewing Chilean art pieces are Prof. Bruce Sinclair, Georgia Tech & Lehigh History Prof. Gail Cooper

17. AC01-19-09 AC01-19-09 Art work - Flying Toten

18. AC01-19-13 AC01-19-13 Art work - containers on shelf

19. AC01-19-15 AC01-19-15 Steve Tobin

20. AC01-19-10 AC01-19-10 Art work - Because I do not hope to turn
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results 1-20 of 22 item(s)  page 1 of 2 : ( <<  1  2  >> ) :: previous : next
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