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Subject - Name
Neville, Harvey A. (Ha... (22)
Curtis, Edward A. (21)
Foering, Howard A. (19)
Neville, Harvey A. (16)
Seidle, Charles A. (14)
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Year Range
1960? (56)
1891 (26)
1966 (21)
1970? (19)
1960-1965 (15)
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1. F5308 F5308 Connolly, G.A.; Smith, P.A.; Schiff, J.S.; Shaiman, A.M.; Witczak, L.A.; Ogorzalek, J.M.; Gable, D.M.; Goldner, D.B.; Jaffe, R.; Brady, E.M.; Brown, J.J.; Sutnick, A.; Clifford, M.; 1980 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Reunion 1980

2. F1553 F1553 Smyth, A.M.; Jones, W.S.; Barnard, R.P.; Moffett, C.; Morris, R.; Woodall, H.R.; Lincoln, J.J.; Weihe, F.A.; Duckham, A.E.; Diebitsch, Emil; Hudson, C.W.; Berger, S.E.; Bates, A.; Carson, H.M.; Johnston, A.; Dickerson, C.E.; Harris, G.W.; Cornelius, W.A.; Oberly, A.D.; Cornelius, J.C.; Butterworth, W.; Walker, C.; 1889 Includes wives, all identified

3. F1167 F1167 Waldenrath, D.A.; Fischer, S.; Watt, R.A.K.; Ubben, J.H.; Ellis, A.; Herz, A.P.; Barkhausen, J. From 1971 Epitome

4. BS0378 BS0378 Cunningham, D.S.; Hamilton, A.H.; Hang, A.A.; Kanaly, Morris E.; Lasher; Fine; Freeman; Ridsdale; Maxwell; Aitken; Laudig; Chickering; Askin; 1925 13 men; copy

5. BS0335 BS0335 Tate, A.A.; Baker; Suvalsky; Robb; Demarest; Klippert; Serfass; Gadd; Doering; Halsted; Ware, A.T.; Clark; Gormley; Platsky; Rauch; Fisher; Drobek; Stein; 1931 Copy

6. BS0336 BS0336 Tate, A.A.; Savalsky; Fitzpatrick; Kugler; Fortman; Orecne; Shelly; Crichton; Demerast; Robb, A.D.; Peck; Halsted, C.E.; Clauss; Robb, E.H.; Baker; Morse; O'Brien; Polk; Ock; Kight; 1932 Copy

7. BS0430 BS0430 Butterworth, G.A.; McGrath, P.L.; Keiser, H.D.; Hanway, P.S.; Carlson, H.S.; Burke, James Michael; Morrissey, M.A.; 1915-16 7 men; copy

8. BS1627 BS1627 Achorn; Maginnes, Albert B.; Winterhalter, W.C.; Chenoweth, Albert Wayne; Lees, George E.; Yap; Rawle; Clare, E.A.; Hurley, R.A.; Twombly?, Edwin Parker (Cy); Fishburn, Samuel E.; Connell; Twombly, Clarence E. (Babe)?; 1916 Copy

9. F7710 F7710 Bogel, H.A.; Mundel, M.E.; Gould, Arthur F.; Thomas, C.A. Newspaper clipping attached.

10. F3360 F3360 Feeser, L.; Kramer, R.W.; Schwab, I.H.; Taft, J.R.; Widdowfield, A.S.; Ruthhart, Richard M.; Joines, A.; Leckonby, WIlliam B. (Bill)A.; Stabler, Donald B.; Conger, A.D.; Dunlap, Frederick H. (Fred); Harrier, Robert A.; Weaver, C.; Workinger, G.; Hinman, H.E.; McFarlan, R.; Jones, D.; Jacobs, J.H. All identified on back

11. CY153 CY153 Laramy, R.E.; Thurston, J.W.; Marvin, C.F.; Jessup, A.B.; Ayars, W.S.; Pool, M.W.; Nare, A.L.; Burley, J.L.; Merrill, W.S.; Wilbur, Warren A.W.; McKenzie, F.A.; Anderson, W.C.; Elmore, T.P.; Grissinger, E.H. ""original board"" (presented to LU in 1942)

12. F1379 F1379 Owczarek, Jerzy A.; Sih, G.C. (George C.); Rockwell, Donald; Updike, D. P. (Dean Pierson), 1935-; Eppes, James V.; Beer, Ferdinand Pierre, 1915-; Jackson, Thomas E.; Brown, Forbes T.; Embley, G.; Levy, Edward K.; Erdogan, Fazil; Hartranft, Ronald J.; Lucas, Robert A.; Kalnins, A. (Arturs); Chen, John C., 1934-; Terry, T.A.; Arin, K. From 1971 Epitome

13. BS2256 BS2256 Butler, J.; Foss, A.E.; Plummer, J.A.; 1950; 1941; 1961 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Fall 1978 (looking at lightning supressor in radome of jet fighter)

14. BS2387 BS2387 Goldman, H.; Tate, A.A.; Hess, C.; 1921; 1917 2 players and coach posed

15. F7298 F7298 Gregg, J.C.; Dent, J.L.; Frantz, V.A.; Harbaugh, W.; Schaffer, H.E.; Silbermann, L.; Lobach, J.E.; Rowley, A.W.; Kinard, R.K.; DeMoyer, R.; Denison, D.G.; Seugling, R.J.; Romig, J.R. 52 men posed

16. F1020 F1020 Trumbull, W.P.; Pfenning, R.A.; Mills, Robert H.; Luh, F.S.; Stone, R.L.; Koch, A.P.; Business and Economics From 1971 Epitome

17. F7971 F7971 Close; Byers, R.M.; Faust; Bomberger, D.C.; Jones; Quinn; Anderson; Wall; Lubbers, A. William; Kinsinger, Walter W.; Porter; Cottrell, Alfred; Shimer, S.A.; Clark; Geiger; Honeyman; Ridge, W.F.; Noecker, T.C.; Miller; Knutson, Henry C.; Hibshman, Nelson S.; Seyfert, Stanley S.; Gruber, Howard D.; Beaver, J. Lynford; Formhals, William H. Senior electrical engineering students and faculty in front of Packard Lab

18. BS0334 BS0334 Tate, A.A.; Meyers; Issel; Clarke; Twigger; Halsted; Stem; Chess; Bailey; Motion; Baker; Davis; Hess; Hall; Ware; McLernon; Nora; Evers; Stutz; Hoaster; Sindell; Blood; Jones; Rushong; 1930 Copy

19. BS2014 BS2014 Curtis, Edward A.; Hiss, C.A.; Paules, Charles E.; 1916; 1925 Talking together

20. F6445 F6445 Neville, Harvey A. (Harvey Alexander), 1898-1983; MacKensie, M.A.; 1964 Neville kissing his daughter, both in caps and gowns
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results 1-20 of 1186 item(s)  page 1 of 60 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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