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Subject - Name
Anderson, h.v. (Harold... (7)
Libsch, Joseph F. (5)
Flescher, Hubert L. (4)
1980 (3)
Anderson, j.w 1889 (3)
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Year Range
1960? (31)
1982 (26)
1981 (23)
1985 (18)
1975?-1990? (5)
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 Image: Reference: Subject - Name: Description / Note:

1. F6935 F6935 Anderson, Ruth Eleanor (Candy); Seeger, H.L. Photographer taking picture of anderson, seeger watching

2. F7593 F7593 Anderson, H.V. (Harold Victor) b. 1890; Hartman, James B.; Elkus, Jonathan Group chatting, Anderson holding a metal plate.

3. F7594 F7594 Anderson, H.V. (Harold Victor) b. 1890; Hartman, James B. Anderson second from left, Hartman right and tow other men looking at a book.

4. F7877 F7877 Anderson, H.V. (Harold Victor) b. 1890; Hartman, James B.; Elkus, Jonathan Three professors chatting. Anderson holding a plate.

5. F1052 F1052 Chamberlain, Dale S.; Neville, Harvey A. (Harvey Alexander), 1898-1983; Rose, Arthur, 1903-; Anderson, H.V. (Harold Victor) b. 1890; Brown, C.E.; Smull, Judson G.; Hazelhurst, Thomas H.; Theis, Edward R.; Babasinian, Vahan S. (Vahan Simon); Ullmann, Harry M.; Long, V.S.; Beck, George Carlton Ident. on back

6. BS0313 BS0313 Wigton; Smith; Sharkley; Burlingame; Mandell; Westerbeeke; Spiers; Brumbaugh; Olcott; Troutman; Treat; Landis; Black; Anderson; Street; 1908 Copy

7. BS0333 BS0333 Tate; Beachler; Oller; Meyers; Ware; Badgley; Hall; McLernon; Issel; Davis; Ewers; King; Anderson; Many; Blackmar; Davidowitz; Miller; Ayre; VanBlarcom; Bennett; Twigger; Nova; Fritts; Elkin; 1929 Copy

8. BS0461 BS0461 Pruett; Gareson; Fabian; Wilson; Huber; Spilsbury; Nimmo; Pike; Heck; Kladuiko; Hughes; Gordon; Brown; Connover; Berla; Parsons; Given; Douglas; Storck; Paraby; Brown, H.; Kishbaugh; Anderson; Hartshorne; Lewis; Lake; Easer; Stevens; Thomson; 1946 29 men; copy

9. BS0733 BS0733 Anderson, Norman Craig (Craig) Copy ca. 1960; includes info.

10. BS0895 BS0895 Davies; Smith; Keife; Troutman; Street; Travis; Anderson; 1906-07 Copy; inlcudes info.

11. BS0896 BS0896 Davies; Bellis; Troutman; Keife; Anderson; Osboure; Street; 1907-08 Copy; includes info.

12. BS0962 BS0962 Grammer; Bradford; Gillette; Barnard; Boynton; Lee; Carson; Castleman; Anderson; Reese; Hoeling; Frazier; 1887 Copy; includes info.

13. BS0964 BS0964 Straub; Morrows; Grammer; Buckley; Boynton; Denman; Cope; Manager; Barnard; Anderson; Lincoln; Reese; Vanderhorst; 1889 Copy; includes info.

14. BS1415 BS1415 Anderson, P.

15. BS1416 BS1416 Anderson, P.

16. BS1592 BS1592 Suman; Gunn; Slater; Hardy; Collins; Mayerhoff; Johnston; Jennings; Dockham; Kelsey; Dowling; Henschel; Smith; Ulrope; Fischer; Wallick; Baldwin; Ridler; Stevens; Anderson; Schrader; Donahue; Purdy; Kresge; Zeigen; Combs; 1948 Copy

17. BS1602 BS1602 McVicar; Donnelly; Dyke; Galloway; Crawford; Webber; Schier; Nowalk; Fields; Vogelson; Rach; Ostrom; Naylor; Jones; Heist; Windish; Hess; Rullman; Feakes; Vogt; Boswell; DuBois; Anderson; Buonassi; Edwards; Flatley; Bauer; Clark; Diclerico; 1960 Copy

18. BS1603 BS1603 Webber; Aresi; McKay; Castle; Anderson; Austrian; Muendel; Butler; Segal; Pennell; Donnelly; Dyke; Galloway; Vogt; Howell; Vlasits; Dickey; Klingensmith; Hanhauser; Everstine; Boswell; Yano; Sperakis; Euker; Smith; Mahon; Ritterpusch; Bauer; Bush; 1962 Copy (ran out of room for names)

19. BS1604 BS1604 Lucas; Thiel; Barr; Flint; Mahon; Born; Hudson; Yonker; DelVillano; Sturcke; McKay; Castle; Miller; Sperakis; Dickey; Vlasits; Howell; Lipstein; Anderson; Butler; King; Bush; Arcesi; Smith; Euker; Ritterpusch; Medford; Padutti; Klingensmith; Wilson; 1963 Copy (ran out of room for names)

20. BS1611 BS1611 Biggs; Palmer; Fertez; Butterworth; Tate; McClintic; Walker; Jennings; Foght; Franklin; Anderson;; 1888 Copy
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results 1-20 of 222 item(s)  page 1 of 12 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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