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Hartung, Albert E., 19... (6)
Lehigh University Must... (5)
1951 (2)
Brown, Michael (Mike);... (2)
Brown, R.b.; 1894 (2)
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Year Range
1960? (12)
1997 (8)
1950? (5)
1890? (2)
1900? (2)
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1. BS0461 BS0461 Pruett; Gareson; Fabian; Wilson; Huber; Spilsbury; Nimmo; Pike; Heck; Kladuiko; Hughes; Gordon; Brown; Connover; Berla; Parsons; Given; Douglas; Storck; Paraby; Brown, H.; Kishbaugh; Anderson; Hartshorne; Lewis; Lake; Easer; Stevens; Thomson; 1946 29 men; copy

2. BS0462 BS0462 O'Brien; Yarbro; Brownlee; Pike; Nimmo; Given; Sturges; Bast; Jennings; Evans; Brown; Franck; Horning; Brown; Paroby; Erikson; Benner; Geyer; Whipple; Kirkham; Royer; Wellenkamp; Halfacre; Herder; Holyoke; Stillwell; Jones; 1947 27 men; copy

3. CX096 CX096 Finnie; MacMinn, Robert; Walters; Brown; Keck; Gilmore; Jessup; Price; Kiefer; Benedict; Dean; Spilsbury; Carlock; GilMore, Robert P.J.; Mawhinney; Seipt; Clewell; Merriman; Kautz; Wolfe; Street; Smull; 1904-1905 22 men

4. F2329 F2329 Blacher-Reich, Marilyn R.; Greenwald; Brown, K.; Brown, P.; Rogers; Schott; 1975

5. F5387 F5387 Brown, Michael (Mike); 1980 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Spring 1980 (2 girls in mike brown tee shirts)

6. F8657 F8657 Charles Wilbur Brown, Jr. Portrait of Charles Wilbur Brown, Jr.

7. F8658 F8658 Charles Wilbur Brown, Jr. Portrait of Charles Wilbur Brown, Jr.

8. F1052 F1052 Chamberlain, Dale S.; Neville, Harvey A. (Harvey Alexander), 1898-1983; Rose, Arthur, 1903-; Anderson, H.V. (Harold Victor) b. 1890; Brown, C.E.; Smull, Judson G.; Hazelhurst, Thomas H.; Theis, Edward R.; Babasinian, Vahan S. (Vahan Simon); Ullmann, Harry M.; Long, V.S.; Beck, George Carlton Ident. on back

9. BS0339 BS0339 Jamieson; Sterngold; Walker; Snyder; Harmeson; Heller; Westerman; Hoppock; Caraway; McNally; Milbank; Walton; Brown; Bennett; Scobey; Mayshark; McCaa; Bayer; Pennauchi; Pazzetti; Small; Wolcott; Peel; Berg; Frey; 1935 Copy

10. BS0392 BS0392 Whiting; Schneider; Pugh; Kanaly; Pearsall; Brown; Marshall; Clark; Walker; Compton; Bleder; Metius; 1940 12 men; copy

11. BS0409 BS0409 Forman; Shlers; Frickert; McCord; Campbell; Brown; Davenport; Richardson; Pringle; Panitz; 1961 10 men; copy

12. BS0463 BS0463 Erikson; Fabian; Best; Nimmo; Geyer; Laird; Horning; Yarbro; Brown; Noel; Hoffacker; Holyoke; Martin; Hall; O'Brien; Ott; Paroby; James; Thompson; Schneiders; Reber; Parsons; 1948 22 men; copy

13. BS0927 BS0927 Lincoln; McKaig; Cooper; Bamert; Brown; Dietz, J.W.; Silberberg; Stevenson; Lake; Harmeson, G.W.; Austin; Gearhart, J.A.; Henry; Pharo; Sine; Blanchard; Connors; 1934-35 Copy; includes info.

14. BS0928 BS0928 Barry; Zell; Setzoff; Connors; Harmeson, G.W.; Jamieson; Upton; Bayer; Kurtz; Stout; Brown; Cooper; Gearhart, W.K.; Austin; Glading; 1936 Copy; includes info.

15. BS0957 BS0957 Albert; Warlick; Smith; Trantor; Culp; Stevenson; Howlett; Mallimson; Miller; Brown; Yellin; Carril; Washychyn; Bennett; Lowman; Schultz; 1966-67 Copy; includes info.

16. BS1120 BS1120 Brown, H.A.; 1927

17. BS1873 BS1873 Wiseman; Harold; Shareer; Williams; Cavanaugh; Morovec; Sermon; Gagas; Semmel; Packman; Emmerick; Butler; Brown; Attaway; Petty; Shipley; Crowther; Gott; Moffa; Cornelius; Shafer; Donahue; Jones; Jorgeson; Herb; Shoemer; Maack; Dickel; Broten; Clark; 1942 Copy (ran out of room for names)

18. BS2604 BS2604 4 students and advisor around table working

19. BS2605 BS2605 5 students and advisor around table working

20. BS2606 BS2606 Student at blackboard ""making up"" issue
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results 1-20 of 116 item(s)  page 1 of 6 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  >> ) :: previous : next
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