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Civil Engineering (11)
Eney, William J. (9)
Merriman, Mansfield, 1... (6)
Fuller, m.o. (3)
1928 (2)
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Year Range
1950? (45)
1943 (7)
1950-1960 (6)
1969 (5)
1999-2009 (5)
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1. F8287 F8287 Yen, Ben T.; Huang, Ti; Daniels, Hartley; Dinsmore, George; Lu, Le-Wu; Kostem, Celal; Kugelman, Irwin; Fisher, John; Beedle, Lynn; Driscoll, George; Pamukcu, Sibel; Johnson, Robert; Kery, Geri; Kloss, Debbie; Federinic, Lesleigh; Reed, Joseph; Sembene, Alan; Yoo, Dongho; Bae, Doo-Byung; Na, Jeong-Woo; Silva, Tushitha; Wals, Diana; Sutherland, Hugh; Chin, Myron; Elston, Joel; Grimes, Ruth; Nothelfer, Eleanor; Cedeno, Julio; Sengupta, Arup; Wilson, John; Ostapenko, Alexis; Gu, Yixian; Weisman, Richard; Mueller, Peter; Rice, Dolores; Dales, Bob; Lennon, Gerard; Kang, Suk-Bong; Lee, Jry-Jong; Hsieh, H.R.; Moser, Daniel; Chen, Sheng-Jin; Carr, Ronald; Young, Craig; Jian, Jin; Mikroudis, George; Racine, John; Padula, Joseph; Keating, Peter; Ormiston, Gary; Plickys, Michael; Gauffreau, Philip; Ritchie, Philip; Klyce, David; Heaton, Kenneth; Lee, Seung; Dimarco, Wayne; Liaw, J.M.; Spear, David; Kim, Wonki; Chasten, Cameron; Stewart, Graham; Ma, Zuo-Zhong; Wang, Shiunn-Jang; Wagner, David; Hegarty, Hugh; Chen, Cheng Cheng; Civil Engineering Environmental Engineering 1986 civil engineering department photographed in fritz engineering laboratory. 68 people; all identified.

2. F8290 F8290 Crouthamel, Barbara; Nothelfer, Eleanor; Vidanage, Prisca; McClay, Dawn; Dittbenner, Elias; Kery, Geraldine; MacAdam, Betty; Miller, Cathy; Dymek, Diane; Dellatore, Debbie; Pagel, Phyllis; Balogh, Sharon; Walsh, Diane; Federinic; Lesleigh; Rice, Dolores; Civil Engineering Department Group photograph of civil engineering staff in fritz lab in front of the hydraulic press.

3. F8772 F8772 Civil Engineering Gerard Lennon, associate professor civil engineering, investigating the movement of groundwater

4. F8773 F8773 Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Bridge

5. F8776 F8776 Johnson, Bob, Civil Engineering Civil engineering professor Bob Johnson works in his office (note attached)

6. F8774 F8774 Civil Engineering Engineering student competition to test strength mode 1 bridges

7. CX433 CX433 Merriman, Mansfield, 1848-1925; Wilson, Winter Lincoln; Thayer, Horace R. (Horace Richmond), b. 1873; Turrill, Sherman M.; Gay, R.W.; Firth, Joseph; C+Z11396lass of 1906 Faculty and the students of civil engineering Class of 1906 posed on the steps.

8. CX434 CX434 Wilson, Winter Lincoln; Merriman, Mansfield, 1848-1925; Dufour, F.O.; Schneider, H.; Class of 1900 Faculty and the students of Civil Engineering Class of 1900 posed on the steps.

9. CX439 CX439 Sword, E.; Liebig, John O., Jr.; Thurlimann, B.; Fuller, M.O.; Ekberg, C.E.; Ostapenko, A.; Basler, K.; Herbich, J.; Rumpf, J.; Errera, S.; Eney, William J.; Driscoll, G.C.; Dittig, R.; Ojalvo, M.; Nasser, K.W.; Grigoriadis, M.D.; Assimacopulos, B. Civil Engineering faculty and staff in front of the Baldwin test machine. 22 men, many identified; note attached. (From William Eney archives SC MS 117)

10. F8771 F8771 Civl Engineering students Civil Engineering students look through a box beam to check instrumentation

11. F8775 F8775 Freud, Rob; Graham, Bill, civil Engineering Civil Engineering, Second annual Lehigh-Lafayette Balso Wood Bridge Contest April 16 (note attached)

12. F8778 F8778 Civil Engineering, Kugelman, Irwin J. Irwin J. Kugelman, Civil Engineering, Fundamentals fo Environmental Pollution

13. F8779 F8779 Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Fritz Testing

14. F8780 F8780 Civil Engineering Melani N. Krug '93 Civil engineering student participates in AWMA Conference. Standing next to bulletin board

15. F8783 F8783 Civil Engineering Civil Engineering graduate student Jenekrisana Kanatharana, architecture/CE major James Linsley, Dr. LeWulu

16. F8784 F8784 Civil Engineering Students watch anxiously as one of their model bridges nears its cracking point in the Civil Engineering Bridge Contest

17. CX372 CX372 Bodine, Alfred VanSant, 1894-1966 ; Whitaker, Martin Dewey Many pictures on same page of scrapbook; Dedication, Luncheon crowd outside; Group at picnic table at Beethoven Waldheim

18. CX440 CX440 Plastic Design in Structural Steel Conference Same as cx441. list of names attached. from william eney archives sc ms 117.

19. CX441 CX441 Plastic Design in Structural Steel Conference Same as cx440. list of names attached. from william eney archives sc ms 117.

20. BS1260 BS1260 1975 Woman at transit
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results 1-20 of 288 item(s)  page 1 of 15 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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