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Subject - Name
Clark, Agnes Gifford (2)
Clark, g.; 1978 (2)
Clark, J.e.; Karakash,... (2)
Clark, J.j.; 1888 (2)
Clark, Joyce D. (2)
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Year Range
1960? (29)
1990 (3)
2001? (2)
1890? (1)
1911? (1)
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 Image: Reference: Subject - Name: Description / Note:

1. F5059 F5059 Clark, J.E.; Karakash, Johnathan J.; Clark, Mrs.; 1942 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Spring 1977 (at party)

2. F5060 F5060 Clark, J.E.; Karakash, Johnathan J.; Clark, Mrs.; 1942 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Spring 1977 (at party)

3. F9633 F9633 Clark, Agnes Gifford Agnes Clark; Clark types on computer

4. F9634 F9634 Clark, Agnes Gifford Agnes Clark; Clark poses by computer

5. F9646 F9646 Zehner, Barbara Numbers; Clark, Agnes; Martrich, Susan Barbara Numbers Zehner, Agnes Gifford Clark, Susan Martrich; 14 image camera roll; the three women pose for photoshoots at their desks

6. F7941 F7941 Winchester, E.; Clark, P. Note in the back. ed winchester (19) and pat clark (44) are against Lafayette football players. game in action.

7. BS0304 BS0304 Farwell; Holderness; Butler; Clark; Gledhill; Becerra; Middledith; Canfield; Chamberlain; Dorin; Gonzales; McCarthy; Gearhart; James; Reese; James; 1897 Copy

8. BS0335 BS0335 Tate, A.A.; Baker; Suvalsky; Robb; Demarest; Klippert; Serfass; Gadd; Doering; Halsted; Ware, A.T.; Clark; Gormley; Platsky; Rauch; Fisher; Drobek; Stein; 1931 Copy

9. BS0354 BS0354 Carasquillo; Westfall; Stotz; Walters; Keim; Oray; Hansen; Wiley; Semilof; Gunn; O'Brien; Garfinkle; Clark; Scavuzzo; Yurlek; Murphy; O'Connell; Hull; Carney; Maurer; Gable; Trout; Principe; Pagnani; Dougherty; Stefanik; Henderson; Gloede; Keil; Kryla; 1953 34 players copy

10. BS0355 BS0355 Capuano; Way; Walters; Rust; Glomb; Pagnani; Keim; Johnson; Stotz; Corbet; Lundy; Milakovic; Puck; Carrasquillo; Maslowsky; Hull, Naylor; Henn; Bufton; O'Connell; Hickey; Noble; Brady; Wiley; Principe; Faillace; Stefanik; Leigh; Gloede; Short; Clark; Da; 1954 Copy

11. BS0387 BS0387 Wilkins; Clark; Kanady; McIlhiney; Jacobs; Crockett; Rich; Broughal; Smith; Bayer; Taussig; Langdon; 1934 12 men; copy

12. BS0388 BS0388 Sheridan; Cleeves; Hildebrand; Jessup; Kanaly; Wilkens; Broughal; Healy; Smith; Langdon; Clark; 1935 11 men; copy

13. BS0392 BS0392 Whiting; Schneider; Pugh; Kanaly; Pearsall; Brown; Marshall; Clark; Walker; Compton; Bleder; Metius; 1940 12 men; copy

14. BS0398 BS0398 Vekony; Ameling; Kennedy; Jensen; Clark; Jennings; Schmoll; Coppersmith; 1953 8 men; copy

15. BS0452 BS0452 Crane; Matthes; Conrad; Gowring; Kanaly, Morris E.; MacLachlan; Halsey; Erstine; Gotthardt; Broughal; Gordon; Silberberg; Crockett; Haley; Morrison; Bailey; Heller; Hildebrand; Clark; Riter; Shoemaker; Morrow; Craig; Travis; 1936 24 men; copy

16. BS0453 BS0453 Schaefer; Hopkins; Richards; Wells; Rabold; Gowing; Barnhart; Rista; Parsons; Gumliffe; Bowen; Harcher; Evans; Kanaly, Morris E.; Enstine; Travis; Craig; Morrow; Shear; Shoemaker, W.G.; Tompkins; Clark; Santmyers; Hurst; Gordon; Heller; Davis; Shoemaker, E.M.; Snyder; 1937 (ran out of room for names) copy

17. BS0457 BS0457 Sipp; Mortimer; Pugh; Clark; Smythe; Kanaly; Bushey; Rahn; Curtiss; Chamberlain; Ulmer; Hume; Metius; Rumsey; Elliott; Boyer; Wooters; Riemondy; Ambrogi; Bauder; Pearsall; Conforte; 1941 22 men; copy

18. BS0458 BS0458 Gordon; Rugg; Morris; Franck; Messinger; Brownlee; Rumsey; Sturges; Curtis; Wellenkamp; Seigle; Simpson; Diggs; Evans; Little; Clark; Baker; Schwarz; Elmers; Ambrogi; Bauder; Chamberlain; Brough; Schumacher; Pugh; Fox; Hume; Austin; Chiles; Ponisi; Dieh; 1942 (ran out of room for names) 37 men; copy

19. BS0459 BS0459 Evans; Mortimer; Harper; Niemenhaus; Brownlee; Best; Rumsey; Messinger; Lauten; Gordon; Willenkemp; Cornelius; Seigle; Schwarz; Clark; Oechsle; Elmers; Jones; Miller; Schumacher; Kirkham; Hardy; Bevan; Whipple; 1943 24 men; copy

20. BS0468 BS0468 Clark; Stark; Jablonski; Bell; O'Brien; Klein; Hickey; Dougherty; Schanck; Gaden; Maurer; Ulrich; Thompson; Vartanian; Royster; Haberle; Whitton; Hourihon; Schifflin; Lovell; Lemmon; DeYoung; Smith; 1954 23 men; copy
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results 1-20 of 74 item(s)  page 1 of 4 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  >> ) :: previous : next
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