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Cox, Eckley B. (Eckley... (2)
Ades Elsner Harkavy Ba... (1)
Aman, r.; Willgoose Cr... (1)
Boutsikaris Chick Laub... (1)
Calvert Briody Palmer ... (1)
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Year Range
1960? (23)
1909 (5)
1910 (3)
1910? (2)
1874 (1)
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21. BS0831 BS0831 Herr, G.D.; Schroedl; Edwards, Y.B.; Reese, L.P.R.; Mohr, W.H.; Davies, T.R.; Tice, H.W.; Cox, H.R.; 1910-11 Copy; includes info.

22. BS0317 BS0317 Kennedy; Wood, R.; Downs; Baumgartner; Vels; Reese; Dobbins; Wood, G.; Wylie; Harwig; Black; Cox; Knox; Reese; Price; Dunn; 1910 Copy

23. BS0424 BS0424 Lawrence; Baird; Trotter; VanNort; Wotring; Smith; Knox; LeVan; Gorman; Standing; Graham; Williams; Connor; Dawson; Crocker; Riley; Lawrence; Cox; VanBlarcom; Kennedy; Schultz; 1910 21 men; copy

24. CX327 CX327 Marsh; Latimer; Rohrs; Ward; Lyter; Bratton; Hill; Zearley; Harwood; Leader, C.; Leader, J.; Potter; Horner; Crawford; King; Moyer; Long; Miller; Beaver; Imwold; Baver; Scholl; Pursel; Robinson; Cox; Riefle; Krone; Brooks; Sinwell From 1928 Epitome;

25. CX173 CX173 McMillan, C.; Ress, W.M.; Garber, William H.; Haines, Casper Wistar; Cox, J., St.; Herr, Allen A.; Merritt, Thomas [or Merrit?].; Hartshorne, William D.; 1874 Posed with surveying equipment

26. F8308 F8308 Mining Engineering; Coxe Laboratory Picture of mining equipment in Coxe Lab.

27. BS0440 BS0440 Raleigh; Maxwell; Egolf; Cox; Bowler; Kanaly, Morris E.; Sheppard; Fulton; Barba; Glenn; Platt; Astaritra; Bayles; Gissriel; Smith; Best; Brandon; Swinton; Carol; Siegmund; Willis; Roth; Croll; Meyers; Hauser; 1924 25 men; copy

28. CX041 CX041 Richards, K.C.R.; Castor, N.R.; Miles, I.B.; Harrier, Robert A.; Okeson, Walter Raleigh; McConn, C. Max; Martindale, Harry Martin; Ridsdale, J.G.; Zug, C.K.; Cox, J.P.; Eckfeldt, Howard; Reiter, Howard R. (Bosey); Harmon, H.G.; Hayes, J.B.; Nutting, H.O.; Sinwell, P.W.; 1927 16 men, students and faculty

29. BS0342 BS0342 Rose; Walker; Harmeson; Hauserman; Westerman; Prelle; Brant; Loomis; Leschen; Kromer; Duyckinck; Thomas; Walton; Grossman; Heins; Simpson; Cox; Smoke; Wertz; Chadwick; Kirkpatrick; Snyder; Famighetti; Campbell; Rabold; Ayer; Loveland; Danshaw; Strohman; 1938 (ran out of room for names) copy

30. BS0343 BS0343 Walton; Eastlake; Fredrick; Prelle; Ambrogi; Smoke; Leschen; Westerman; McCaa; Grossman; Thomas; Rosenfeld; Collins; Good; Harmeson; Shireman; Rogers; Duyckinck; Cox; Feucht; Fincke; Brandt; Huntoon; Simpson; Houserman; Conover; Danshaw; McConnell; 1939 Copy

31. BS1813 BS1813 Wilroy; Laub; Gottling; Kievit; Denson; Dolotta; Cox; Gall; Goldwyn; Dreher; Hergenhan; Chick; Boutsikaris; 1951-1952 Copy

32. BS0316 BS0316 Wood; Smith, J.H.; Smith, E.C.; Black; Knox; Smith, R.P.; Kitchell; Martin; Schenck; Gordon; Treat; Cox; Billheimer; Reese; Reard; Lawson; Wylie; 1909 Copy

33. CX091 CX091 Shows classifiers and tables

34. BS0658 BS0658 Equipment in lab

35. BS0905 BS0905

36. BS0906 BS0906 Under construction

37. BS0907 BS0907 Under construction

38. BS0908 BS0908 Under construction

39. BS0909 BS0909 Under construction

40. BS0910 BS0910 Under construction
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results 21-40 of 53 item(s)  page 2 of 3 : ( <<  1  2  3  >> ) :: previous : next
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