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Cox, Eckley B. (Eckley... (2)
Ades Elsner Harkavy Ba... (1)
Aman, r.; Willgoose Cr... (1)
Boutsikaris Chick Laub... (1)
Calvert Briody Palmer ... (1)
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Year Range
1960? (23)
1909 (5)
1910 (3)
1910? (2)
1874 (1)
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21. BS0931 BS0931 Calvert; Thomas; Briody; Patrick; Barber; Feucht; Drake; Stevens; Cox; Griffith; Bupp; Hankins; Riemondy; Kipe; Brandt; 1938-1939 Copy; includes info.

22. BS0932 BS0932 Calvert; Briody; Palmer; Feucht; Norwood; Loose; Reber; Carter; Archbold; Schaeffer; Lane; Griffith; Cox; Riemondy; Brand; 1939-40 Copy; includes info.

23. BS0977 BS0977 Under construction

24. BS0978 BS0978 Under construction

25. BS0979 BS0979 Under construction

26. BS1649 BS1649 Calvert; Griffith; Heisler; Zanissa; Vockel; Rahn; Loomis; Cox; Jenkin; Kipe; Nicholas; Whitesell; McDonough; Werft; Kromer; 1939 Copy

27. BS1650 BS1650 Calvert; Milbank; Heisler; Vockel; Loomis; Duane; Goodman; Forster; Rahn; Johnson; Griffiths; Cox; Leidich; Werft; Anderson; Boyer; Roberts; Smith; Kister; 1940 Copy

28. BS1702 BS1702 Carpenter; Cox; Colbaugh; Turner, C.A.; Bigelow; Turner, R.J.; Brunn; Bishop; Smith; Bolton; Berg; Standing; Gearhart, F.L.; Earich; Abbe; Koman; Williams; 1933 Copy

29. BS1704 BS1704 Carpenter; Craig; Stefko; Enstine; Gill; Lucard; Wrightson; Vogelsberg; Messmore; Smull; Cox; Boden; Wilson; Turner; Gearhart; Austin; Settle; Edwards; 1935 Copy

30. BS1812 BS1812 Hergenhan; Dreher; Macatician; Cox; Stanley; Chick; Edwards; Pientak; Kievit; Breingan; Chandler; 1950-1951 Copy

31. BS1813 BS1813 Wilroy; Laub; Gottling; Kievit; Denson; Dolotta; Cox; Gall; Goldwyn; Dreher; Hergenhan; Chick; Boutsikaris; 1951-1952 Copy

32. BS1814 BS1814 Boutsikaris; Chick; Laub; Gottling; Kievit; Denson; Allen; Dolotta; Cox; Betz; Dreher; Hergenhan; Goldwyn; Kolesnik; 1952-1953 Copy

33. BS1881 BS1881 Feuerbach; Hartsher; Cox; Harmon; VanNort; Flood; Roberts; Webber; Lesher; Raleigh; Hayes; O'Callaghan; Ellis; Pelizzoni; Price; Ahlberg; 1926-1927 Copy

34. BS1882 BS1882 Fimian; Cox; Daly; Morrissey; Ellis; Holt; Webb; Hobbes; Leaver; McCarthy; Riker; Davis; Pelizzoni; Hertzler; 1928 Copy

35. BS3477 BS3477 Cox, Eckley B. (Eckley Brinton), 1839-1995 Formal

36. BS3739 BS3739 Cox, M. Formal shot. 3 photos printed on one sheet.

37. CX041 CX041 Richards, K.C.R.; Castor, N.R.; Miles, I.B.; Harrier, Robert A.; Okeson, Walter Raleigh; McConn, C. Max; Martindale, Harry Martin; Ridsdale, J.G.; Zug, C.K.; Cox, J.P.; Eckfeldt, Howard; Reiter, Howard R. (Bosey); Harmon, H.G.; Hayes, J.B.; Nutting, H.O.; Sinwell, P.W.; 1927 16 men, students and faculty

38. CX091 CX091 Shows classifiers and tables

39. CX173 CX173 McMillan, C.; Ress, W.M.; Garber, William H.; Haines, Casper Wistar; Cox, J., St.; Herr, Allen A.; Merritt, Thomas [or Merrit?].; Hartshorne, William D.; 1874 Posed with surveying equipment

40. CX327 CX327 Marsh; Latimer; Rohrs; Ward; Lyter; Bratton; Hill; Zearley; Harwood; Leader, C.; Leader, J.; Potter; Horner; Crawford; King; Moyer; Long; Miller; Beaver; Imwold; Baver; Scholl; Pursel; Robinson; Cox; Riefle; Krone; Brooks; Sinwell From 1928 Epitome;
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results 21-40 of 53 item(s)  page 2 of 3 : ( <<  1  2  3  >> ) :: previous : next
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