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Subject - Name
Likins, Peter, W. (27)
Class of 1942; Class o... (15)
Taylor, Maxwell D. (Ma... (15)
Amstutz, Edward D. (11)
Herbich, John b.; Erfl... (11)
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Year Range
1960? (36)
1987 (20)
1994 (15)
1949 (12)
1966? (10)
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 Image: Reference: Subject - Name: Description / Note:

101. F7222 F7222 Rinehart, A.D.

102. F7432 F7432 Bowerman, Roseann; Schwartz, L.M.; Collette, M.D. Schwartz, Collette sitting, Bowerman showing a book. Description in the back.

103. F7433 F7433 Bowerman, Roseann; Schwartz, L.M.; Collette, M.D. Description in the back.

104. F7586 F7586 Fleischer, R.D. Formal portrait

105. F7613 F7613 Gipson, Lawrence Henry, 1880-1971; Gurrin, L.D. Formal shot from Gipson's Bermuda archives visit. Two men standing. Bushes and parts of buildings behind.

106. BA10_24 BA10_24 Gleason, Mrs. Statues, and cars in Washington

107. CX365 CX365 Myers, B.; Dorsey; Willis, C.; Harris, D.; Mercur, F.; Willis F; Wilbur, H.; Hebbard, G.; Book, W.; Neilsen, P.; Fort, R.; Cornwell, D.; Thomas, J.; Erwin, H.; Brennan, S.; Baker, E.; Taylor, G.; Dickerson, J.; Canfield, E.; Cooper, G.; Jones, B.; Dehm, E.; 1928 22 men

108. F1120 F1120 Leela, B.S.; Pepin, J.; Schultz, H.; Ondria, JohnG.; Irons, F.H.; Tzeng, Kenneth K.; White, D.; Klayton, A.; Guerlich, H.; Talhelm, Donald L.; Dahlke, Walter E.; Fritchman, Bruce D.; Leenov, Daniel; McCracken, L.G.; Holzinger, Carl S.; Susskind, Alfred K.; Eberhardt, Nikolai; Siebeneck, H. From 1971 Epitome

109. F1137 F1137 Hartung, Albert E.; Strauch, D.M.; Greene, David M.; Schnaible, John A.; Vickrey, John F., 1924- ; Armstrong, Ray Livingstone, 1910-; Barker, Thoburn V.; Criswell, Cloyd M.; Kowalski, C.F.; MacDonald, G.B.; DeBellis, Jack A.; Steinhart, D.R.; Grummick, R.P.; McCullagh, J.C.; Sousa, W.A.; Baker, J.R.; Mack, G.R.; Dilworth, Ernest; Kafka, R.M.; Bischoff, J.; Reppert, R.L. Incomplete, from 1971 Epitome

110. F1396 F1396 Butler, Sidney R.; Conrad, George P, II; Hahn, Walter C.; Avitzur, Betzalel; Notis, Michael R.; Krauss, George, 1933-; Tarby, Stephen Kenneth.; Libsch, Joseph F.; Hertzberg, Richard W.; Wood, John D., Dr.; Pense, Alan W.; Hasselman, D.P.H., 1931-; Thomas, David A.; Dinsmore, T.L.; Goldstein, Joseph, 1939- From 1971 Epitome

111. F1593 F1593 Molnar, B.; Bast, R.; Glenn, D.; Margolies, A.; Brady, F.; Eisenberg, R.; Gilbert, D.; Byerly, James C.; Cooper, J.; Hewit, J. From 1971 Epitome

112. F1594 F1594 Kutz, R.; Alex, J.; Angel, D.; Williams, P.; Smith, H.; Jones, W.; Dean, B.; Canning, C.; Campbell, D.C.; McFadden, J.; Fields, J.; Wong, W.; Thompson, T.; Pettigrew, R.; Orem, W. From 1971 Epitome

113. F2115 F2115 Gill, J.L.; Graber, D.S.; Ciaravino, I.W.; Morrison, D.B.; Hazelwood, J.M.; Gordon, C.; MacDonald, J.J.; Schef, H.F.; Bond, R.N.; Moyant, G.C.; Josenhaus, F.G.; Phillips, R.S.; Fett, P.H.; Keefe, R.M.; Ward, J.A.; Jennings, F.L.; Colville, R.E.B.; Vanderryn, J.S.; Noone, R.; Grigg, F.C.;; 1951 27 men

114. F3994 F3994 Bayer, C.A.; Walbert, D.; Middleton, D.; Lau, S.; Smith, R.S. 6 men

115. CY011 CY011 Thurston, J.W.; Dickerman, William C.; Wilson, D.W.; Ayers, H.B.; Given, J.B.; Laramy, R.E.; Ayars, W.S.; Daball, F.A.; Williams, D.S.; Lord, C.W.; 1896 10 men

116. CY074 CY074 Daboll, F.A.; Dickerman, William C.; Thurston, J.W.; Ayers, H.B.; Given, J.B.; Laramy, R.E.; Ayars, W.S.; Wilson, D.W.; Lord, C.W.; Williams, D.S.; 1896 10 men

117. CX366b CX366b Myers, Willis; Dorsey, W.; Baker, N.; Dehm, E.; Canfield, E.; Dickerson; Thomas; Taylor, D.; Fort, R.; Neilsen, P.; Cooper, G.; Wilbur, H.; Hebbard, G.; Waring, M.; Jones, B.; Wright, W.; Davidson, C.; Condit, S.; Erwin, H.; Burbank, D.; 1928 21 men

118. F3374 F3374 Bander, B.; Lewis, W. Deming (Willard Deming), 1915-1989; Tinnana, J.; Stable, D.B. [Stabler, Donald B.?]; Leverich, D.; Harrier, Robert A. 6 men

119. F1051 F1051 Zeroka, D.; Klier, K.; Ortolano, T.R.; Kraihanzel, Charles S.; Young, T.E.; Merkel, Joseph R.; Heindel, Ned D.; Diefenderfer, Alpha A.J.; Sprague, Robert S.; Vanderhoff, J.; Leidheiser, H. From 1971 Epitome

120. CX501 CX501 Myers, Robert J.
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results 101-120 of 749 item(s)  page 6 of 38 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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