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1975 (103)
Lewis, W. Deming (Will... (77)
Steckbeck, John S. (63)
Whitaker, Martin Dewey (61)
Gipson, Lawrence Henry... (47)
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Year Range
1960? (1031)
1950? (588)
1970? (396)
2002 (330)
1975?-1990? (235)
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 Image: Reference: Subject - Name: Description / Note:

1. CX449 CX449 Digital printout of 1929 photo of Linderman Library with old cars parked on the library drive.

2. CX450 CX450 Digital printout of 1919 photo of Linderman Library.

3. CX451 CX451 From left to right: lower tier- Randolph (Joy), Elizabeth; Linderman, Robert P.; Linderman (Frick), Ruth E.; Randolph, Robert; Linderman (Robinson), Evelyn ; Sayre, Robert H., III; Linderman (Morris), Lucy ; Linderman (Stockton), Mary; Sayre (Randolph), Jennie; Sayre (Linderman), Ruth M.; Linderman, Christine; upper tier- Hillard (Sayre), Elizabeth; Chandler (Dodson), Sarah W.; Cleaver, Albert M.; Sayre (Chandler), Mary E.; Nevin (Sayre), Martha; Sayre, Frances B.; Sayre Robert H.; and above him Sayre, Robert H., Jr.; Sayre, John Nevin; Sayre (Cleaver), Elizabeth; Randolph, James Fritz; Chandler (Hillman), Evelyn Digital printout of the Sayre Family

4. CX417 CX417 Metzger, Philip A. (Philip Allen), 1944-; McNally, Judith (Judy) Librarians chating with students on the grass.

5. CX431 CX431 Merriman, Mansfield, 1848-1925 Prof. merriman and 8 students posed in the studio with surveying equipment. note the hats.

6. BA47_01 BA47_01 Earlets; Shorty; Stine; Parkie; Fredie; Pop(?); Lord; Good; Gurfee; Vanie; Heard; Irish; Marr

7. BA47_02 BA47_02 Class in front of Chandler Ullmann Hall

8. BA47_03 BA47_03 The last rush at Lehigh; men running and gathering together; skimmer hat holding square box on left

9. BA47_05 BA47_05 White house surrounded by trees and bushes; a dirt trail leads to the entrace and barrel is on the ground on the right

10. BA47_06 BA47_06 3 story house on right and small white shed across water on left; trees stand beside houses

11. BA47_07 BA47_07 Athletic Field - Bethlehem Iron Company in background, houses in middle, field then spectators along side of field

12. BA47_04 BA47_04 15 students sitting beside tree on lawn; two seated in front row without hats

13. BA47_08 BA47_08 Man stands on wooden bridge over lock; trees in background

14. BA47_09 BA47_09 chapel in right foreground beside trees, houses in middle, Bethlehem Iron Company and horizon in background

15. BA47_10 BA47_10 Steel stacks and company across river in background, trees in foreground

16. BA47_11 BA47_11 2 boys sit with shoes facing camera, boy on right sticks tongue out

17. BA47_12 BA47_12 guitar player on left singing, both boys sitting on chairs

18. BA47_13 BA47_13 4 boys lying beside tree trunk on lawn with stone building in background

19. BA47_14 BA47_14 Linderman Library in right foreground, Chandler Ullmann Hall further back across walkways, city and Bethlehem Iron Co. in background

20. BA47_15 BA47_15 Packer Memorial Church with trees and lawn in foreground
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results 1-20 of 20926 item(s)  page 1 of 1047 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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