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Subject - Name
Rossin, Peter C. (38)
Karakash, Johnathan J. (26)
Richards, Charles Russ (16)
Humphrey, Arthur e.; C... (12)
Civil Engineering (11)
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Year Range
1983-1984 (280)
1966-1969 (77)
1950? (70)
1990-1995 (32)
1970? (16)
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 Image: Reference: Subject - Name: Description / Note:

1. F8287 F8287 Yen, Ben T.; Huang, Ti; Daniels, Hartley; Dinsmore, George; Lu, Le-Wu; Kostem, Celal; Kugelman, Irwin; Fisher, John; Beedle, Lynn; Driscoll, George; Pamukcu, Sibel; Johnson, Robert; Kery, Geri; Kloss, Debbie; Federinic, Lesleigh; Reed, Joseph; Sembene, Alan; Yoo, Dongho; Bae, Doo-Byung; Na, Jeong-Woo; Silva, Tushitha; Wals, Diana; Sutherland, Hugh; Chin, Myron; Elston, Joel; Grimes, Ruth; Nothelfer, Eleanor; Cedeno, Julio; Sengupta, Arup; Wilson, John; Ostapenko, Alexis; Gu, Yixian; Weisman, Richard; Mueller, Peter; Rice, Dolores; Dales, Bob; Lennon, Gerard; Kang, Suk-Bong; Lee, Jry-Jong; Hsieh, H.R.; Moser, Daniel; Chen, Sheng-Jin; Carr, Ronald; Young, Craig; Jian, Jin; Mikroudis, George; Racine, John; Padula, Joseph; Keating, Peter; Ormiston, Gary; Plickys, Michael; Gauffreau, Philip; Ritchie, Philip; Klyce, David; Heaton, Kenneth; Lee, Seung; Dimarco, Wayne; Liaw, J.M.; Spear, David; Kim, Wonki; Chasten, Cameron; Stewart, Graham; Ma, Zuo-Zhong; Wang, Shiunn-Jang; Wagner, David; Hegarty, Hugh; Chen, Cheng Cheng; Civil Engineering Environmental Engineering 1986 civil engineering department photographed in fritz engineering laboratory. 68 people; all identified.

2. F8203 F8203 Advani, Sunder H.; Harlow, D. Gary Note attached. Gary Harlow, associate professor of mechanical engineering, and Sunder Advani, College of Engineering dean, talking together.

3. F8290 F8290 Crouthamel, Barbara; Nothelfer, Eleanor; Vidanage, Prisca; McClay, Dawn; Dittbenner, Elias; Kery, Geraldine; MacAdam, Betty; Miller, Cathy; Dymek, Diane; Dellatore, Debbie; Pagel, Phyllis; Balogh, Sharon; Walsh, Diane; Federinic; Lesleigh; Rice, Dolores; Civil Engineering Department Group photograph of civil engineering staff in fritz lab in front of the hydraulic press.

4. F8204 F8204 Zimmers, Emory W.; Industrial Engineering Emory Zimmers standing in a computer lab.

5. F8774 F8774 Civil Engineering Engineering student competition to test strength mode 1 bridges

6. CX439 CX439 Sword, E.; Liebig, John O., Jr.; Thurlimann, B.; Fuller, M.O.; Ekberg, C.E.; Ostapenko, A.; Basler, K.; Herbich, J.; Rumpf, J.; Errera, S.; Eney, William J.; Driscoll, G.C.; Dittig, R.; Ojalvo, M.; Nasser, K.W.; Grigoriadis, M.D.; Assimacopulos, B. Civil Engineering faculty and staff in front of the Baldwin test machine. 22 men, many identified; note attached. (From William Eney archives SC MS 117)

7. F8151 F8151 Yen, Ben T. Prof. Ben Yen gives a group of local junior high school girls a tour of Fritz Lab. From Engineering Tab, 1994-1995, pg. 5. Note attached.

8. F8165 F8165 Boult, Terrance E. Middle school students learn about engineering as a career. Note attached

9. F8199 F8199 Sawyers, Kenneth N. Note attached. Dean Sawyers and students at Engineering block party.

10. F8202 F8202 Three students conducting an engineering experiment.

11. CX372 CX372 Bodine, Alfred VanSant, 1894-1966 ; Whitaker, Martin Dewey Many pictures on same page of scrapbook; Dedication, Luncheon crowd outside; Group at picnic table at Beethoven Waldheim

12. CX440 CX440 Plastic Design in Structural Steel Conference Same as cx441. list of names attached. from william eney archives sc ms 117.

13. CX441 CX441 Plastic Design in Structural Steel Conference Same as cx440. list of names attached. from william eney archives sc ms 117.

14. BS2656 BS2656 Man with pile of broken concrete

15. BS2657 BS2657 3 men filling concete forms

16. BS2658 BS2658 2 students testing slab

17. BS2659 BS2659 Measuring cement slab

18. BS2660 BS2660 3 students smoothing cement into molds

19. BS2661 BS2661 3 students pouring cement into molds

20. BS2662 BS2662 Student and teacher with machinery
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results 1-20 of 1394 item(s)  page 1 of 70 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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