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Subject - Name
Quirk, Francis J. (20)
Trembley, Francis J. (9)
Dravo, Francis Rouaud ... (4)
Whitaker, Martin Dewey... (3)
Spiegel, Francis H. (2)
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Year Range
1950? (8)
1927 (2)
1936 (2)
1940 (2)
1942 (2)
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 Image: Reference: Subject - Name: Description / Note:

41. F3616 F3616 Quirk, Francis J. Giving out awards

42. F3620 F3620 Quirk, Francis J. Receiving awards at flagpole

43. F4687 F4687 Quirk, Francis J.; Wilson, R.L.; 1921 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Spring 1974 (discussing painting)

44. F4688 F4688 Quirk, Francis J.; Fearnside, George W., Jr.; 1928 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Spring 1974 (painting his portrait at reunion, 1973)

45. F4689 F4689 Quirk, Francis J.; Donovan, T.; Donovan, Mrs. From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Spring 1974 (chatting at reunion, 1972)

46. F4805 F4805 Chatman, Priscilla; Francis, B.; Levy, V.; Price, K.; Smith, P.; Walters, D.; 1976 See Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Reunion 1973

47. F8138 F8138 Thomas, S.J.; Owen, B.B.; Parker, B.W.; Ritter, H.T.M.; Trembley, Francis J.; Jollie, W.P. 6 Biology faculty looking at a skeleton of a bird and other animal parts.

48. F8330 F8330 Trembley, Francis J. Formal portrait.

49. CX045 CX045 Harleman, Samuel T.; Symington, E.H.; Morris; Murphy, E.T.; Clark; Burns; Wilkinson, Edwin B.; Wilson, H.D.; Wright; Flory, John H.; Evans; Donaldson, Francis; Gearhart, F.B.; Laubenstein; 1901 18 men

50. CX080 CX080 Knorr, Frederic Hayes; Buck, Charles Austin; Meiley, Harry Smuller; Bevan, Robert M.; Kiesel, William F., Jr.; Smith, Frank Stewart; Zimmele, Charles Frederick; Dravo, Francis Rouaud; Pettinos, George F.; Mills; 1887 12 men

51. CX081 CX081 Dravo, Francis Rouaud; Pettinos, George F.; Ledoux, John Walter; Fehnel, Milton H.; Bevan; Buck, Charles Austin; Smith, Frank S.; Zimmele, Charles Frederick; 1887 8 men

52. F1026 F1026 Cheng, Thomas C. (Thomas Clement); Barber, Saul Benjamin; Landis, Eugene M.; Herman, Sidney S. (Sidney Samuel), 1930-; Trembley, Francis J.; Krawiec, Steven R.; Malsberger, Richard G. From 1971 Epitome

53. CX101 CX101 Trembley, Francis J.; Thomas, S.J.; Lonsley; Ritter; Hertzog; Litzenberger; Yankevitch, Karlik; Brandt; Gilmore; Beers; Ginder; Gabuzda; Kiefer 14 men

54. CX103 CX103 Trembley, Francis J.; Thomas, S.J.; 1936 12 men

55. CX106 CX106 Hall, R.W.; Trembley, Francis J.; Thomas, S.J.; Sell, Sabol; Gaughran; Bolyn; Everett; Buys; Deily; Fiegley; Boucher; Mayer; Ayers; 1937-38 14 men

56. CX108 CX108 Mosier; Mann; Buchman; Trembley, Francis J.; Gress; Thompson; Thomas; Balshi; Longley; Hall; 1942 10 men

57. CX111 CX111 Mann; Buchman; Longley; Kleckner; Soto, Trembley, Francis J.; Mosier; Harris; Lytle; Collmann, R.; Gilmore; Collmann, W.; Thompson; Thomas; Balshi; Rowand; Gress; Hall; 1942 18 men

58. CX114 CX114 Sindell; Jaslow; Swan; Miller; Edelstein; Dempsey; Feit; Kalinski; Imhof; Druckerman; Friedman; Mayer; Hockman; Fischer; Munzer; Haff; Davison; Meharg; Bogart; Thomas; Bull; Trembley, Francis J.; 1930-31 22 men

59. CX115 CX115 Trembley, Francis J.; Shafer; Mann; Yankevitch; Longley; Kiefer; Gaughran; Gaughran; Sell; Thomas; Litzenberger; Gabuzda; Gilmore; Dorkin; Hall; Hertzog; 1940-41 16 men

60. CX116 CX116 Mayer; Deily; Feigley; Gaughran; Uhler; Webb; Sell; Trembley, Francis J.; Bilinsky; Schaffer; Singer; Wolcott; Hall; Houck; Boucher; Thomas; Ayers; 1936-37 17 men
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results 41-60 of 85 item(s)  page 3 of 5 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  >> ) :: previous : next
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