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Grace, Eugene G. (Euge... (27)
Whitaker, Martin Dewey... (16)
Grace, Eugene G. (Euge... (10)
Miller g.; Packer, Asa... (7)
Hartung, Albert E., 19... (6)
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Year Range
1960? (21)
1940 (13)
1997 (11)
1950? (9)
1940? (7)
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1. F7543 F7543 Succop, W.G.; Succop, G.M.; Lewis, W. Deming (Willard Deming), 1915-1989; Temple, Black S.; Low, G.M.; 1979 President lewis and honorary degree recipients on the stage

2. F6354 F6354 Bennett, Edmund V.G.; Wehrenberg, William; Sheetz; Wiegner; Rouch; Patterson; Hoagland; Pearson; White; Thompson; Baker, Ernest W.; Conley, Thomas G.; Blake, Alfred Greene; Werft, Ellis L.; Bugbee; Schwartz, Ralph; Sayre; Shigo, John; Dick; Alwine, Charles E.; Canavan; Emanuel; Donaldson; Litke, H.T.; 1924 24 men

3. F0852 F0852 Whitaker, Mrs.; Grace, E.G., Mrs.; Bent, Q.; Curtis, G.B.; Whitaker, Martin Dewey; Bidwell, C.C.; Bodine, Alfred V.; Horton, Leonard M. Receiving line

4. F0727 F0727 Richards, Berry G. (Berry Gargal), 1930-; Ottervik, Eric V.; Lutz, J.G.; Butz, L.; Rabold, Frank C.; Warner, C.H.; Likins, Peter W. All with shovels

5. F7539 F7539 Succop, G.M.; Michener, J.A.; Succop, W.G.; 1979 1979 honorary degree receipients walking in the parking lot

6. F3734 F3734 Brough, Samuel R.; Christy, H.; Clinch, J.S.; Cone, P.C.; Cziguth, Frank P.; Eitner, R.G.; Finley, C.R.; Hamilton, James G.; Jahn, G.A.; Johnston, A.B.; Meyer, Charles F.; Munroe, S.W.; Smith F.E; Spears, William M.; Steele, R.B.; Sterngold, Kingdon H.; Strunk, C.W.; Taylor, R.O.; Wiggin, Alex K.; Zanoni Alfred L.; 1942 Shot of plaque honoring members of the Class of 1942 who died in WW II.

7. CX041 CX041 Richards, K.C.R.; Castor, N.R.; Miles, I.B.; Harrier, Robert A.; Okeson, Walter Raleigh; McConn, C. Max; Martindale, Harry Martin; Ridsdale, J.G.; Zug, C.K.; Cox, J.P.; Eckfeldt, Howard; Reiter, Howard R. (Bosey); Harmon, H.G.; Hayes, J.B.; Nutting, H.O.; Sinwell, P.W.; 1927 16 men, students and faculty

8. F7536 F7536 Succop, W.G.; 1979 Formal portrait. William G. Succop received honorary degree in 1979 Commencement.

9. CX253 CX253 Vaughn, D.; Lynch, C.; Norvig, A.; Kelly, D.; Barnes, G.; Sudholtz, L.; Stevenson, F.; Hansen, W.; Schwartz, F.; Eisenbrown, P.; Dancy, J.; Metz, J.; Schreiner, L.; Cottrell, D.; Kittelberger; Britton, C.; Molitor, A.; Lake, E.; Vaughn, G.; 1926-27 From 1928 Epitome

10. CX365 CX365 Myers, B.; Dorsey; Willis, C.; Harris, D.; Mercur, F.; Willis F; Wilbur, H.; Hebbard, G.; Book, W.; Neilsen, P.; Fort, R.; Cornwell, D.; Thomas, J.; Erwin, H.; Brennan, S.; Baker, E.; Taylor, G.; Dickerson, J.; Canfield, E.; Cooper, G.; Jones, B.; Dehm, E.; 1928 22 men

11. F1151 F1151 Peters, J.; Parks, James M., 1925-2005 ; Simpson, Dale R.; McLeroy, Donald F.; Ryan, J. Donald (John Donald) 1921-; Myers, Paul Benton, 1933- ; Sclar, Charles B.; Miller, G.H.; Connelly, J.; Veitch, J.; Stephens, G. From 1971 Epitome

12. BS2216 BS2216 Weber, R.; Meinel, G.; Welch, J.; Lucas, G.; White, J.; 1956 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Fall 1980 (planning committee)

13. F4665 F4665 Hunt, J.; Brockway, Brian G.; Karakash, Johnathan J.; Barthold, Lee G., Jr. From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Spring 1973

14. F5325 F5325 Gerb, David M.; Baldelli, A.[Baldelli, Essio J.?]; Snyder, F.; Murray, G.; Wehner, William G.; 1945 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Reunion 1980 (5 men)

15. CX061 CX061 Convers, G.C.; Linderman, R.P.; Wilbur, R.H.; Wilbur, Warren A.; McIlvaine, E.M.; Coleman, C.P.; Mercur, R.S.; Hillman, R.R.; Lynch, G.H.; Reets, E.R.; Robinson, E.O.; Smith, P.H.; Loomis, C.T.; Jones, J.E.; Wilbur, E.P.; Throckmorton, C.W.; Hutchinson, G.C.; Sawtelle, E.M.; Farrar, T.P.; 1890 20 men

16. BS1615 BS1615 Reed, P.L.; Snyder, A.L.; Dickerman, William C.L.; Grace, John W. (Gator), Jr. ; White, G.C.; Corman; Grace, Eugene G. (Eugene Gifford), 1876-1960; Taylor; Petrikin; Horner; Gannon, J.W.; Gannon, T.J.; Chasmar; Senior; Peck; 1896 Copy

17. F4685 F4685 Sih, G.C. (George C.); Pizzigati, G. From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Spring 1974 (fracture toughness test in lab)

18. F1053 F1053 Simmons, C.W.; DeGray, R.G.; Martin, J.M.; Smull, Judson G.; Billinger, R. D. (Robert Dominick), 1899-1980 ; Williams, W.W.; Ewing, Warren W.; Theis, Edward R.; Hazelhurst, Thomas H.; Beck, George Carlton; Miller, W.S.; Frantz, A.J.; Babasinian, Vahan S. (Vahan Simon); Ullmann, Harry M.; Diefenderfer, Alpha A. ; Long, James Scott (Shorty); Anderson, H.V. (Harold Victor) b. 1890 Ident. on back

19. F1295 F1295 Juliard, Pierre; Graf, C.; Dowling, Joseph A.; Davies, E.; Pifer, J.G.; Nimmons, Julius F.; Haight, J.M. [Haight, John McVickar, 1917- ?]; Leder, Lawrence H. ; Shade, William G. From 1971 Epitome

20. F1923 F1923 Bender, Charles H.; Hadsall, W.F.; Birdsall, A. Glentworth; Lubrecht, Frank; Hart, J.A.; Hardcastle, F.; Warke, H.M.; Flayhart, C.J.; Ailes, C.C.; Trexler, E.W.; Bailey, J.; Martin, Allen G.; Williams, R.B.; Timpson, J.G.; Harris, T.R.; Rebert, B.R.; Smyth, H.M.; Davis, F.W.; Sutzer, M.; Otto, H.H.; Silvers, R.C.; 1912 21 men, all identified
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results 1-20 of 578 item(s)  page 1 of 29 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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