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1. BS0322 BS0322 Sheridan; Alden; McCarthy; Richards; MacIsaacs; Johnson; Brunner; Quist; Pons; deWysocki; McCarthy, K.; Albert Wayne; Knoss; MacDonald; Halsted; Maginnes; Tate; Robinson; Good; Bach; Harrington; Hurley; Young; Becker; Pursel; Ayrault; 1916 Copy

2. BS0343 BS0343 Walton; Eastlake; Fredrick; Prelle; Ambrogi; Smoke; Leschen; Westerman; McCaa; Grossman; Thomas; Rosenfeld; Collins; Good; Harmeson; Shireman; Rogers; Duyckinck; Cox; Feucht; Fincke; Brandt; Huntoon; Simpson; Houserman; Conover; Danshaw; McConnell; 1939 Copy

3. BS0429 BS0429 Street; Hanway; Carlson; Bailey; McCarthy; Keys; Davidson; Good; Evans; Green; Warren; Kuhn; Connors; Mickel; Burns; Grumbach; Polster; Neyer; Norstrand; Becker; Randall; VonMangringhausen; Bicklay; 1914 23 men; copy

4. BS0436 BS0436 Zatzinger; Wight; Meyers; Burgess; Carlisle; Wingate; Rogers; VanBilliard; Barthold; Harper; Carol; Greenall; Hoffman; Huggins; Kanaly, Morris E.; Talmage; Waltz; Springsteen; Bray; Locke; McPherson; Good; VanNort; Wright; Lodge; Lamb; Schragger; Leister; Best; 1921 31 men; copy

5. BS0803 BS0803 Good, R.C.; 1921 Copy ca. 1920; includes info.

6. BS0835 BS0835 Vance; Pons; Good; Gunn; McCullough; Sheridan; Sawtelle; Martin; Thomas; Kirkuff; 1915 Copy; includes info.

7. BS0840 BS0840 Sheridan; Bergdall; Bertolet; Jenness; Bergdall, F.; Walker; Good; Booth; Neame; Brunner; Hoffman; 1920 Copy; includes info.

8. BS0960 BS0960 Good; Kirk; Lindsey; Paddock; Symington; Roudey; Pennington; Irwin; Thurston; Lee; Boyt; Merriman; Miller; Edgar; Williams; 1886? Copy; includes info.

9. F1279 F1279 Good, R.C.; 1940 Includes info.

10. CY133a CY133a MacGuinness; Good; Savaria; Gulick; Goldman, H.; Springsteen; Bessemer; Hoffman Individual full-length shots of each man, all identified, pasted on a long strip, now cut in half (cannot determine what class)

11. BS2485 BS2485 Larkin, Frederick V. Driving across campus, with crowd of onlookers (not a good shot)

12. BS2489 BS2489 Driving through stadium, with another vehicle (not a good shot)

13. BS2490 BS2490 Driving car across football field (not a good shot)

14. BS2558 BS2558 Whitaker, Martin Dewey; Grace, Eugene G. (Eugene Gifford), 1876-1960 3 men talking (good closeup shot)

15. BS2655 BS2655 After stuccoing; good shot of whole building

16. BS3552 BS3552 Good shot. room empty.

17. BS3604 BS3604 Good shot from northwest.

18. BS3615 BS3615 Good shot from west. building covered with ivy.

19. F1500 F1500 Detwiler, C.H.; Coates, Frank R.; Blunt, W.W.; Balliet, D.; Mercur, R.S.; Cullum, J.B.; Warriner, Samuel D.; Dashiell, P.J.; Walker, C.; Riddick, W.C.; Rafferty, J.P.; Hutchinson, G.C.; Reese, A.K.; Cope, W.S.; Emery, D.; Downey, R.A.; 1889 Copy (not good)

20. BA14_04 BA14_04 Under construction. Workers laying the steel beams. Good shot. Album prepared by Chem. Dept. Chairman Frederick M. Fowkes, and donated by Royce Fowkes in Sept.2001.
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results 1-20 of 56 item(s)  page 1 of 3 : ( <<  1  2  3  >> ) :: previous : next
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