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Subject - Name
Lehigh University Must... (52)
Whitman, Christine Tod... (47)
Schempf, William H. (34)
Congdon, Wray H. (20)
Whitten, Leslie H., 19... (20)
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Year Range
2002 (330)
1891 (65)
1887 (46)
1889 (43)
1960? (36)
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1. F1923 F1923 Bender, Charles H.; Hadsall, W.F.; Birdsall, A. Glentworth; Lubrecht, Frank; Hart, J.A.; Hardcastle, F.; Warke, H.M.; Flayhart, C.J.; Ailes, C.C.; Trexler, E.W.; Bailey, J.; Martin, Allen G.; Williams, R.B.; Timpson, J.G.; Harris, T.R.; Rebert, B.R.; Smyth, H.M.; Davis, F.W.; Sutzer, M.; Otto, H.H.; Silvers, R.C.; 1912 21 men, all identified

2. CY152 CY152 Keller, E.A.; Bush, R.M.; Brookover, J.S.; Houseman, K.F.; Marvin, R.W.; Goodfellow, O.D.; Norbbeck, C.F.; Diener, J.B.; Cresswell, H.; Barba, C.D.; Sampson, H.H.; Robinson, K.I.; Hertzler, John Rowe; Aludig, J.B.; Griffith, C.B.; Barr, J.H.; Bowler, C.W.; Wetzel, R.M.; Garrison, J.H.; Lair, W.B.; King, J.A.; Leach, L.L.; 1927 28 people (ran out of room for names)

3. BS0027 BS0027 Williams, W.H.; Parke, H.G.; Williams, Edward H. (Edward Higginson), 1824-1905; Williams, W.; Tau Beta Pi Historical marker at birthplace of EH Williams, founder, in Proctorville, VT.

4. BS0831 BS0831 Herr, G.D.; Schroedl; Edwards, Y.B.; Reese, L.P.R.; Mohr, W.H.; Davies, T.R.; Tice, H.W.; Cox, H.R.; 1910-11 Copy; includes info.

5. BA49_10 BA49_10 Tau Beta Pi; Miller, Benjamin L.; Williams, Edward H.; Richards, Charles Russ; Williams, Wenworth; Mertz, John C.; Bush-Brown, Henry K.; Higbie, H.H.; Moore, A.D.; Magruder, W.T.; Spencer, C.H.; Gurney, D.A.; Marquis, F.W.; Miller, A.P. Dedication of plaque in honor of Edward H. Williams and Tau Beta Pi

6. CX053 CX053 Wilson, H.D.; Yen, T.C.S.; Nolan, J.J.; Harleman, Samuel T.; Symington, J.F.; Enzian, C.; Burns, T.; Murphy, E.T.; Startsmen, C.W.; Grubb, P.L.; Menough, L.D.; Morris, R.C.; Bleckridge, W.H.; Gearhart, F.B.; Evans, C.; Flory, John H.; Krause, L.G.; Stauffer, H.S.; Laubenstein, A.R.; Laubach, S.T.; Ehlers, W.A.; 1901 21 men (and 2 children)

7. F1120 F1120 Leela, B.S.; Pepin, J.; Schultz, H.; Ondria, JohnG.; Irons, F.H.; Tzeng, Kenneth K.; White, D.; Klayton, A.; Guerlich, H.; Talhelm, Donald L.; Dahlke, Walter E.; Fritchman, Bruce D.; Leenov, Daniel; McCracken, L.G.; Holzinger, Carl S.; Susskind, Alfred K.; Eberhardt, Nikolai; Siebeneck, H. From 1971 Epitome

8. F3360 F3360 Feeser, L.; Kramer, R.W.; Schwab, I.H.; Taft, J.R.; Widdowfield, A.S.; Ruthhart, Richard M.; Joines, A.; Leckonby, WIlliam B. (Bill)A.; Stabler, Donald B.; Conger, A.D.; Dunlap, Frederick H. (Fred); Harrier, Robert A.; Weaver, C.; Workinger, G.; Hinman, H.E.; McFarlan, R.; Jones, D.; Jacobs, J.H. All identified on back

9. CY051 CY051 Ripp, H.I.; McClain, J.F.; Downs, C.L.; Kynor, H.D.; Wright, L.C.; Graybill, J.H.; Gibson, D.G.; Bley, J.M.; VanBlarcom, W.C.; Gay, H.S.; Treat, L.B.; Roberts, W.P.; 1909 12 men

10. CX027 CX027 Tremlett, J.W.; Yake, E.E.; Herrman, W.S.; Haas, H.A.; Miller, H.L.; Reese, L.R.; Thompson, B.M.; Colling, E.S.; Wood, R.F.; Platt, J.E.; Knox, L.P.; Wright, L.C.; Wheaton, E.A.; Otto, H.H.; Wood, G.R.; 1910-11 15 men

11. CX061 CX061 Convers, G.C.; Linderman, R.P.; Wilbur, R.H.; Wilbur, Warren A.; McIlvaine, E.M.; Coleman, C.P.; Mercur, R.S.; Hillman, R.R.; Lynch, G.H.; Reets, E.R.; Robinson, E.O.; Smith, P.H.; Loomis, C.T.; Jones, J.E.; Wilbur, E.P.; Throckmorton, C.W.; Hutchinson, G.C.; Sawtelle, E.M.; Farrar, T.P.; 1890 20 men

12. F7378 F7378 Hillegass, H.H.; 1884 Civil engineering student, Class of 1884. Formal portrait. Donated by Joan Repetto, granddaugther of H.H. Hillegass '84.

13. BA01_09 BA01_09 Hillegass, H.H.; 1884

14. BA01_21 BA01_21 Birney, H.H.

15. CX042 CX042 Smith, Frank S.; Coleman, C.P.; Doolittle, A.; Fisher, H.S.; Frazier, Kenneth; Stokes, W.H.; Carson, H.M.; Farwell, W.D.; Howe, W.E.; 1886-87 Note and identification on back

16. CX045 CX045 Harleman, Samuel T.; Symington, E.H.; Morris; Murphy, E.T.; Clark; Burns; Wilkinson, Edwin B.; Wilson, H.D.; Wright; Flory, John H.; Evans; Donaldson, Francis; Gearhart, F.B.; Laubenstein; 1901 18 men

17. CX141 CX141 Hess, H.C.; Waesche, W.H.; Carmichael; Trafford; Miles; Travis, J.T.; Wolmart, W.F.; Nutting, H.C.; Giles, E.M.; Zug, C.; Winchester, R.C.; Hoffman, K.L.; Bell, D.S.; Maxwell, John W.; Bond, Nelson Leighton; 1927 15 men

18. F1052 F1052 Chamberlain, Dale S.; Neville, Harvey A. (Harvey Alexander), 1898-1983; Rose, Arthur, 1903-; Anderson, H.V. (Harold Victor) b. 1890; Brown, C.E.; Smull, Judson G.; Hazelhurst, Thomas H.; Theis, Edward R.; Babasinian, Vahan S. (Vahan Simon); Ullmann, Harry M.; Long, V.S.; Beck, George Carlton Ident. on back

19. CX451 CX451 From left to right: lower tier- Randolph (Joy), Elizabeth; Linderman, Robert P.; Linderman (Frick), Ruth E.; Randolph, Robert; Linderman (Robinson), Evelyn ; Sayre, Robert H., III; Linderman (Morris), Lucy ; Linderman (Stockton), Mary; Sayre (Randolph), Jennie; Sayre (Linderman), Ruth M.; Linderman, Christine; upper tier- Hillard (Sayre), Elizabeth; Chandler (Dodson), Sarah W.; Cleaver, Albert M.; Sayre (Chandler), Mary E.; Nevin (Sayre), Martha; Sayre, Frances B.; Sayre Robert H.; and above him Sayre, Robert H., Jr.; Sayre, John Nevin; Sayre (Cleaver), Elizabeth; Randolph, James Fritz; Chandler (Hillman), Evelyn Digital printout of the Sayre Family

20. BS0300 BS0300 Baker, F.; Gadd, L.L.; Thurston, J.W.; Keys, J.; Okeson, Walter Raleigh; Stratford, H.R.; Houston, E.A.; Best, J.W.; Roderick, T.C.; Wooden, W.H.; McClung, M.; Ordway, G.; Floyd, R.D.; Trafton, C.E.; 1893 Copy
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results 1-20 of 1982 item(s)  page 1 of 100 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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