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Subject - Name
Schneider, Herman 1894 (3)
Allen, D.m.; Herman, S... (1)
Bachman, B.r.; Strauss... (1)
Barthold, Lee G., Jr.;... (1)
Brumbaugh Lawyer Dunn ... (1)
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Year Range
1960? (13)
1892 (4)
1906 (1)
1928? (1)
1957 (1)
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 Image: Reference: Subject - Name: Description / Note:

1. F9269 F9269 Herman, Rick Senior research scientist Rick Herman standing with student

2. BS0308 BS0308 Chamberlain; Landefeld; Waters; Orth; Herman; Underwood; Geare; Farabaugh, A.; Dornin; Barnard; Torrey; Johnson; Butler; 1902 Copy

3. BS0309 BS0309 Gott; Brush; Waters; Orth; Hodgkin; Underwood; Johnson; Strawn; Barnard; Farabaugh, A.; Lnadefeld; Geare; Herman; Butler; Blazer; Farabaugh, L.; Torrey; 1903 (one name can't read) copy

4. BS0310 BS0310 Bachman, B.R.; Strauss, Samuel; Olcott; Pyne, Francis Rogers; Senior; Waters; Herman, Paul Henry; Hammaker, William Siebert; Ballenger; Person; Gott, Estep Tillard; Van Reenen, Reenen Jacob; Blazer; Adams, Edward Schultz; 1904 Copy

5. BS0311 BS0311 Brumbaugh; Lawyer; Dunn; Strauss; Herman; Pyne; Stocker; Draper; Gott; Sheridan; Bachman; Johnson, S.S.; Smith; 1905 Copy

6. BS0329 BS0329 Schall; Wilson; Burke; Littel; Morris; O'Callahan; Cannon; Arnold; Levin; Cheel; Mellinger; Merrill; Hess; Herman; Bond; 1925 Copy

7. BS1663 BS1663 Caraway; Harris; Wilson; Potosky; Herman; Luckenbach; Wallace; Lindholm; Senkowski; Anderson; Hafner; Compton; Kolb; Gursky; 1945 Copy

8. BS1666 BS1666 Vieira; Cornelius; Jones; Collin; Gratton; Collins; VenVertloh; Finch; Britton; Caraway; Weintraub; Walters; Herman; Kelly; Kennedy; Drack; Keefe; Carpenter; Krauss; 1949 Copy

9. BS1697 BS1697 Detwyler; Schuab; Herman; Seeburger; Bachman; Somerville; McCrea; Schoen; Haag; Carpenter; Bird; McCarthy; Bullard; Strauss; Hammond; Miller; 1929 Copy

10. BS1698 BS1698 Detwyler; Schaub; Herman; Seeberger; Bachman; Somerville; McCrea; Schoen; Haag; Carpenter; Bird; McCarthy; Bullard; Strauss; Hammond; Miller; 1929 Copy

11. BS1700 BS1700 Kellner; Williams; Burhouse; Chapin; Byers; Herman; Weiner; Carpenter, H.; Standing; Hammond; Fountain; Miller; Gold; French; Hart; 1931 Copy

12. BS1705 BS1705 Carpenter; Frey; Carrier; Gill; Enstine; Larkin; Yingling; Wrightson; Herman; Stone; Wells; Davis; Smith; Leonard; Lucard; Conrad; Sheppard; Loche; Travis; 1936 Copy

13. BS1706 BS1706 Carpenter; Moore; Turner; Wells; Currier; Russell; Snyder; Winters; Phillips; Enstine; Travis; Gill; Sheppard; Smith; Tait; Yingling; Ebbets; Fisher; Deming; Lincoln; Herman;; 1937 Copy

14. BS1707 BS1707 Carpenter; Bushey; Scott; Yingling; Turner; Davies; Craig; Riemondy; Cooke; Phillips; Kromer; Snyder; Wells; Herman; Tait; Russell; 1938 Copy

15. BS2107 BS2107 Barthold, Lee G., Jr.; Herman, Sidney S. (Sidney Samuel), 1930-; Riley, R. From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Spring 1974

16. BS2124 BS2124 Palazzo, R.; Herman, Sidney S. (Sidney Samuel), 1930-; Bernasco, D.; 1943 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Reunion 1975

17. DE01-01-05 DE01-01-05 Kiler, Kamil; Herman, Richard G. Kiler (Left) and Herman using an electron energy-loss spectrometer to study ways of converting natural methane gas to liquid fuels

18. F4445 F4445 Lewis, W. Deming (Willard Deming), 1915-1989; Higginbotham, A. Leon; Edmonds, Harry; Fuller, J. Osborn; Karakash, Johnathan J.; Collier, Herman E. From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Fall 1971

19. F5127 F5127 Glaspey, Marion; Herman, Sidney S. (Sidney Samuel), 1930- From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Fall 1976

20. F6351 F6351 Zettlemoyer, Albert Charles; Foster, N.; Herman, R. Presenting award to Zettlemoyer (info in vertical file in his name)
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results 1-20 of 36 item(s)  page 1 of 2 : ( <<  1  2  >> ) :: previous : next
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