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Subject - Name
Karakash, Johnathan J. (42)
Wait, J. Russell Zahni... (29)
Quirk, Francis J. (20)
Eney, William J. (9)
Trembley, Francis J. (9)
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Year Range
1960? (64)
1970? (37)
1970 (18)
1950? (16)
1889 (15)
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1. F7298 F7298 Gregg, J.C.; Dent, J.L.; Frantz, V.A.; Harbaugh, W.; Schaffer, H.E.; Silbermann, L.; Lobach, J.E.; Rowley, A.W.; Kinard, R.K.; DeMoyer, R.; Denison, D.G.; Seugling, R.J.; Romig, J.R. 52 men posed

2. F1906 F1906 Greenough, M.J.; Jacobosky, G.J.; Kennedy, F.; McDevitt, J.; Desh, H.; Johnson, Earle F. (Coxey) ; Schmid, M.; Carlock, J.B.; Wheeler, I.; Loose, J.; Mercur, R.; McNally, E.M.; Reynolds, J.; Thomas, L.; Brodhead, J.A.; Horne, F.R.; MacQueen, P.; Blazer, C.W.; Camp, C.; Hesse, A.W.; Schweitzer, E.; Daniels, C.M.; 1907 26 men

3. F1151 F1151 Peters, J.; Parks, James M., 1925-2005 ; Simpson, Dale R.; McLeroy, Donald F.; Ryan, J. Donald (John Donald) 1921-; Myers, Paul Benton, 1933- ; Sclar, Charles B.; Miller, G.H.; Connelly, J.; Veitch, J.; Stephens, G. From 1971 Epitome

4. F2115 F2115 Gill, J.L.; Graber, D.S.; Ciaravino, I.W.; Morrison, D.B.; Hazelwood, J.M.; Gordon, C.; MacDonald, J.J.; Schef, H.F.; Bond, R.N.; Moyant, G.C.; Josenhaus, F.G.; Phillips, R.S.; Fett, P.H.; Keefe, R.M.; Ward, J.A.; Jennings, F.L.; Colville, R.E.B.; Vanderryn, J.S.; Noone, R.; Grigg, F.C.;; 1951 27 men

5. F0335 F0335 Quirk, Francis J.; Kelly, J.J.; Franz, Paul J., Jr.; Yates, W. Ross (Willard Ross) Dedication of sculpture (News release attached)

6. F5188 F5188 Davis, B.M.; Easton, E.C.; Faust, H.J.; Folwell, J.D.; Billman, L.S.; Grubbe, D.J.; Harris, R.H.; Rushong, F.A.; Shoemaker, F.; Throckmorton, J.S.; 1931 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Fall 1977 (at adoption of Class of 1981)

7. F5308 F5308 Connolly, G.A.; Smith, P.A.; Schiff, J.S.; Shaiman, A.M.; Witczak, L.A.; Ogorzalek, J.M.; Gable, D.M.; Goldner, D.B.; Jaffe, R.; Brady, E.M.; Brown, J.J.; Sutnick, A.; Clifford, M.; 1980 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Reunion 1980

8. CY152 CY152 Keller, E.A.; Bush, R.M.; Brookover, J.S.; Houseman, K.F.; Marvin, R.W.; Goodfellow, O.D.; Norbbeck, C.F.; Diener, J.B.; Cresswell, H.; Barba, C.D.; Sampson, H.H.; Robinson, K.I.; Hertzler, John Rowe; Aludig, J.B.; Griffith, C.B.; Barr, J.H.; Bowler, C.W.; Wetzel, R.M.; Garrison, J.H.; Lair, W.B.; King, J.A.; Leach, L.L.; 1927 28 people (ran out of room for names)

9. F1032 F1032 Schwartz, Eli; Aronson, J.R.; Keefe, J.D.; Thornton, R.; Pillsbury, Warren A.; Garb, G.; Jensen, F.B.; Gonce, R.A.; Cohen, A.; DeRody, J.; Shen, C.S.; Walker, J.E.; Innes, J.T. From 1971 Epitome

10. F1213 F1213 Amico, A.; LaPara, Nicholas A.; Meadowcroft, R.T.; Conyers, Evan W.; Leibowitz, M.B.; Davis, L.; Green, J.S.; Griep, A.; Haynes, Thomas M.; Hillman, Donald J.; Kasarda, Andrew J.; Barnes, Robert F., Jr.; Humes, J.W.; Melchert, Norman; Lindgren, J. Ralph From 1971 Epitome

11. CX439 CX439 Sword, E.; Liebig, John O., Jr.; Thurlimann, B.; Fuller, M.O.; Ekberg, C.E.; Ostapenko, A.; Basler, K.; Herbich, J.; Rumpf, J.; Errera, S.; Eney, William J.; Driscoll, G.C.; Dittig, R.; Ojalvo, M.; Nasser, K.W.; Grigoriadis, M.D.; Assimacopulos, B. Civil Engineering faculty and staff in front of the Baldwin test machine. 22 men, many identified; note attached. (From William Eney archives SC MS 117)

12. BS0300 BS0300 Baker, F.; Gadd, L.L.; Thurston, J.W.; Keys, J.; Okeson, Walter Raleigh; Stratford, H.R.; Houston, E.A.; Best, J.W.; Roderick, T.C.; Wooden, W.H.; McClung, M.; Ordway, G.; Floyd, R.D.; Trafton, C.E.; 1893 Copy

13. BS2151 BS2151 Bennett, J.; King, J.; Endler, J. From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Winter 1976 (officers)

14. BS2257 BS2257 Endler, J.; Starin, M.; Hertzler, John Rowe; Bennett, J.; King, J.; 1952; 1948; 1927; 1964; 1961 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Fall 1978 (all presidents of club)

15. F1218 F1218 Radin, Shelden H. ; Folk, Robert T.; Van Sciver, Wesley J.; Borse, G. J. (Garold J.); Shaffer, Russell A.; Curtis, Cassius W.; Smith, Wesley R.; Jones, C.; Nelson, W.; Kim, Yong W.; Spatz, Wilbur DeVilla Bernhart; Wheeler, Donald B.; Bergmann, E.E.; Kanofsky, Alvin S. Published in 1971 Epitome

16. F3746 F3746 Shafer, R.P.; Brown, J.; Harper, J.D.; Curtin, J.; 1965 At sophomore class banquet. News release attached

17. F5490 F5490 Turner, J.A.; Ryan, J. Donald (John Donald) 1921-; Clinch, J.M.; 1943; 1988 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Winter 1979 (looking at print in rock)

18. F6183 F6183 Denman, J.; Balliet, D.; Nicholson, A.R.; Ordway, G.; Enbody, A.B.; VanCleve, J.M.; Warriner, R.C.; Adams, H.; Floyd, R.D.; Donohoe, J.P.; Roderick, T.C.; Teal, C.B.; VanMeter, E.P.; Wooden, W.B.; Shepp, E.M. Pasted into frame, all identified; copy

19. F1293 F1293 Groover, Mikell P; Adams, J.W.; Gould, Arthur F.; Shiveley, M.W.; Powers, J.W.; Smith, W.A.; Kane, George E. ; Gewehr, Wesley H.; Landis, J.D.; Monro, Sutton; Richardson, Wallace J.; Whitehouse, Gary E., 1938- From 1971 Epitome

20. F1517 F1517 Huber, J.J.; Wechsler, B.L.; Klatt, C.E.; Ertle, P.; Schmidt, S.A.; Broderway, J.; Gaines, R.D.; Ellison, J.S.; Spicer, M.A.; 1970 From 1971 Epitome
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results 1-20 of 1441 item(s)  page 1 of 73 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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