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Beagle Terrell Gottsch... (1)
Dunnello Symington Bau... (1)
Gill, J.l.; Graber, D.... (1)
Hartung, Albert e.; St... (1)
Kluttz, Polly Macdonal... (1)
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1960? (4)
1890? (1)
1990-1995 (1)

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1. BS0322 BS0322 Sheridan; Alden; McCarthy; Richards; MacIsaacs; Johnson; Brunner; Quist; Pons; deWysocki; McCarthy, K.; Albert Wayne; Knoss; MacDonald; Halsted; Maginnes; Tate; Robinson; Good; Bach; Harrington; Hurley; Young; Becker; Pursel; Ayrault; 1916 Copy

2. BS0961 BS0961 Dunnello; Symington; Bauder; Baldwin; Pennington; Kubloe; Merriman; Miller; Roundey; Bartels; Macdonald; Williams; Boyer; 1885? Copy; includes info.

3. BS1831 BS1831 Sergeant; Terrell; MacDonald; Bird; Gottschall; Sutherland; Simmons; Bahnck; Rogers; Greenholt; Hartshorne; Lovell; 1954-1955 Copy

4. BS1832 BS1832 Beagle; Terrell; Gottschall; Lovell; MacDonald; Sutherland; Simmons; Nilsson; Bird; Sayre; Liroff; Zitzmann; 1955-1956 Copy

5. F1137 F1137 Hartung, Albert E.; Strauch, D.M.; Greene, David M.; Schnaible, John A.; Vickrey, John F., 1924- ; Armstrong, Ray Livingstone, 1910-; Barker, Thoburn V.; Criswell, Cloyd M.; Kowalski, C.F.; MacDonald, G.B.; DeBellis, Jack A.; Steinhart, D.R.; Grummick, R.P.; McCullagh, J.C.; Sousa, W.A.; Baker, J.R.; Mack, G.R.; Dilworth, Ernest; Kafka, R.M.; Bischoff, J.; Reppert, R.L. Incomplete, from 1971 Epitome

6. F1758 F1758 Tarduno, M.E.; MacDonald, M.M.; 1979 See f1759 for News release

7. F1759 F1759 Quay, William L.; MacDonald, M.M.; Tardune, M.E.; 1979 News release attached

8. F9793 F9793 Kluttz, Polly; MacDonald, Ronnie; Ota, Patti; Thurmer-Eyer, Deni

9. F2115 F2115 Gill, J.L.; Graber, D.S.; Ciaravino, I.W.; Morrison, D.B.; Hazelwood, J.M.; Gordon, C.; MacDonald, J.J.; Schef, H.F.; Bond, R.N.; Moyant, G.C.; Josenhaus, F.G.; Phillips, R.S.; Fett, P.H.; Keefe, R.M.; Ward, J.A.; Jennings, F.L.; Colville, R.E.B.; Vanderryn, J.S.; Noone, R.; Grigg, F.C.;; 1951 27 men

10. CX187 CX187 Robinson, W.A. Note attached

11. F5299 F5299 Sinclair Laboratory

12. F6338 F6338 Sinclair Laboratory
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results 1-12 of 12 item(s)  page 1 of 1 : ( <<  1  >> ) :: previous : next
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