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Mack, James D. (James ... (11)
Mack, James D. (James ... (5)
Mack, J.s.; 1888 (2)
Mack, James D. (James ... (2)
Rathbone, Monroe Jacks... (2)
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1960? (4)
1967 (3)
1985 (3)
1980? (2)
1994 (2)
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1. F5321 F5321 1930 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Reunion 1980 (old mack truck)

2. Football-03-51 Football-03-51 Dunlap, Fred; Whitehead, John C.; Luckhardt; Sanders; Gilburg Lehigh University footbal coaches Dunlap, Whitehead, Luckhardt, Sanders and Gilburg in a row wearing Mack Truck t-shirts

3. BS0697 BS0697 Hartung, Albert E.; Mack, James D. (James Decker) At reception in Family Room

4. F1137 F1137 Hartung, Albert E.; Strauch, D.M.; Greene, David M.; Schnaible, John A.; Vickrey, John F., 1924- ; Armstrong, Ray Livingstone, 1910-; Barker, Thoburn V.; Criswell, Cloyd M.; Kowalski, C.F.; MacDonald, G.B.; DeBellis, Jack A.; Steinhart, D.R.; Grummick, R.P.; McCullagh, J.C.; Sousa, W.A.; Baker, J.R.; Mack, G.R.; Dilworth, Ernest; Kafka, R.M.; Bischoff, J.; Reppert, R.L. Incomplete, from 1971 Epitome

5. BS3385 BS3385 Holva, Barbara A.; Paul, R.; Metzger, Philip A. (Philip Allen), 1944-; Dilliard, D.[Dilliard, Peggy?]; Hulshizer, B.; Mack, Helen P. Party moved inside because of bad weather

6. F6819 F6819 King, Bessie L.; Guth, Mary B.; Shaw, D.; Merle, Maria I.; McNally, Judith (Judy); Kuvilla, C.; Pfingstle, B.; Mack, Helen P.; Cady, Susan Hands on action on June 29

7. F9183 F9183 Kriebel, Gail; McNally, Judith; Guth, Mary; Morrow, Kathe; Shelhammer, Denise; Rice, Connie; Novak, Linda; Misinco, Marge; Petrovich, Magaret; Conyers, Evan; Cady, Susan A.; Dilliard, Peggy; Wiles-Young, Sharon; Pecsek, Anne; Mrkich, Francie; Mack, Helen; Holzinger, Maggie; King, Bessie Group of library staff standing behind a railing in Linderman Rotunda

8. F6510 F6510 Lewis, W. Deming (Willard Deming), 1915-1989; Lewis, Mrs.; Franz, Paul J., Jr.; Rathbone, Monroe Jackson; Mack, James D. (James Decker) 15 persons at ceremony with large sign in rear

9. BS3712 BS3712 Mack, Doris Formal shot. 2 photos printed on one sheet.

10. F3096 F3096 Mack, J.S.; 1888 Autographed

11. F3277 F3277 Mack, J.S.; 1888 Autographed

12. BS0283 BS0283 Mack, James D. (James Decker) With three others

13. BS0284 BS0284 Mack, James D. (James Decker) With three others

14. BS0285 BS0285 Mack, James D. (James Decker) With three others

15. F0139 F0139 Mack, James D. (James Decker) Mack was toastmaster

16. F0146 F0146 Mack, James D. (James Decker) News release attached

17. F3624 F3624 Mack, James D. (James Decker)

18. F5725 F5725 Mack, James D. (James Decker) From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Winter 1977 (at desk)

19. F7172 F7172 Mack, James D. (James Decker) Posed in front of open vault

20. F7173 F7173 Mack, James D. (James Decker) Posed with old globe in Room 200
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results 1-20 of 53 item(s)  page 1 of 3 : ( <<  1  2  3  >> ) :: previous : next
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