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Subject - Name
Leiser, Mary Ellen (3)
Richards, Joseph Willi... (3)
Anderson, Kristen k.; ... (1)
Bennett, Mary Jean (1)
Berry, Mary (1)
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Year Range
1991 (5)
1936 (3)
1985? (3)
1990-1995 (3)
1994 (2)
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 Image: Reference: Subject - Name: Description / Note:

1. CX451 CX451 From left to right: lower tier- Randolph (Joy), Elizabeth; Linderman, Robert P.; Linderman (Frick), Ruth E.; Randolph, Robert; Linderman (Robinson), Evelyn ; Sayre, Robert H., III; Linderman (Morris), Lucy ; Linderman (Stockton), Mary; Sayre (Randolph), Jennie; Sayre (Linderman), Ruth M.; Linderman, Christine; upper tier- Hillard (Sayre), Elizabeth; Chandler (Dodson), Sarah W.; Cleaver, Albert M.; Sayre (Chandler), Mary E.; Nevin (Sayre), Martha; Sayre, Frances B.; Sayre Robert H.; and above him Sayre, Robert H., Jr.; Sayre, John Nevin; Sayre (Cleaver), Elizabeth; Randolph, James Fritz; Chandler (Hillman), Evelyn Digital printout of the Sayre Family

2. BA11_07c BA11_07c Photo of the campus at the College of William and Mary

3. BA11_09d BA11_09d Postcard of the Wren Building at the College of William and Mary

4. F9592 F9592 Purdy, Mary J Mary Purdy, Coordinator for Sherman Fairchild Center for Solid-State Studies

5. F7434 F7434 Guth, Mary B. Mary Guth dumps a drawer of old catalog cards. Description in the back.

6. F8255 F8255 Cummings, Mary Packer; Founder; Packer Family Copy of portrait of Asa Packer's daugther Mary Packer Cummings.

7. BS3367 BS3367 Metzger, Philip A. (Philip Allen), 1944-; Shaw, D.; Cady, Susan; Wiles-Young, Sharon L.; Guth, Mary B.; King, Bessie L.; Kuvila, C.; L.U.V; Morrow, Kathy; McNally, Judith (Judy); Mack, Helen P. Hands on action on June 29

8. BS3378 BS3378 Gackenbach, Eleanor; Guth, Mary B. (Party moved inside because of bad weather)

9. BS3384 BS3384 Kuivila, Carol J.; Mrkich, F.; McNally, Judith (Judy); King, Bessie L.; Conyers, Evan W.; Guth, Mary B. (Party moved inside because of bad weather)

10. BS3439 BS3439 Leiser, Mary Ellen Portrait

11. BS3952 BS3952 Mary Anne

12. BS3956 BS3956 Lorah, Mary

13. BS3964 BS3964 Leiser, Mary Ellen

14. BA14_25a BA14_25a Kressler, Dawn; Elgin, Mary Ann; Knauss, Gladys Chemistry dept. office staff. album prepared by chem. dept. chair frederick m. fowkes, and donated by Mrs. fowkes in sept. 2001.

15. F8737 F8737 Michal, Andrew; Wojcik, Mary Beth Tax form help; Michal, Andrew - volunteer; Wojcik, Mary Beth - student

16. AC01-13-26 AC01-13-26 Perry, Mary & Bill Mary, faculty at Cedar Crest; Bill Perry '47; South Mountain

17. F9719 F9719 Farunces, Mary Published in lehigh Week, Nov. 7, 1995

18. AC01-24-44 AC01-24-44 Stebelski, Mary Beth Stabler Scholar Mary Beth Stebeiski '91; Chemical Engineering

19. AC01-24-47 AC01-24-47 Slebelski, Mary Beth Mary Beth Slebelski '91, Stabler Scholar, Chemical Engineering

20. AC01-38-04 AC01-38-04 Bennett, Mary Jean Mary Jean Bennett, User Services Manager in Computer Center
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results 1-20 of 57 item(s)  page 1 of 3 : ( <<  1  2  3  >> ) :: previous : next
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