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Macedo, Jose a.; Udayk... (3)
Miller, G.p.; 1888 (3)
Pendleton, Kirk p.; 19... (3)
Berg, Philip j.; Duboi... (2)
Cady, Susan Lucia, Jos... (2)
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Year Range
1960? (9)
1976 (5)
1977 (5)
1970 (3)
1980 (3)
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1. CX061 CX061 Convers, G.C.; Linderman, R.P.; Wilbur, R.H.; Wilbur, Warren A.; McIlvaine, E.M.; Coleman, C.P.; Mercur, R.S.; Hillman, R.R.; Lynch, G.H.; Reets, E.R.; Robinson, E.O.; Smith, P.H.; Loomis, C.T.; Jones, J.E.; Wilbur, E.P.; Throckmorton, C.W.; Hutchinson, G.C.; Sawtelle, E.M.; Farrar, T.P.; 1890 20 men

2. F1257 F1257 Forstall, Alfred E.; Seidle; Wilson; Christensen; Magee, Frank L.; Franz, Paul J., Jr.; Gott, Edwin H.; Snyder, Edwin H.; Bodine, Alfred VanSant, 1894-1966; Horton, Leonard M.; Rust, S. Murray, Jr.; Rabold, Frank C.; Neville, Harvey A. (Harvey Alexander), 1898-1983; Rathbone, Monroe Jackson; Glick, Elmer W.; Curtis, Edward A.; DuBois, Allen C.; Maginnes, E.; Maddox; Buck; Estes, William L.; Poole, Leonard P.; McFadden, Hugh P.; Sims, Ivor D.; Reed, Henry B. 25 men around table

3. F4748 F4748 McCombs, C.; Neiman, Charles H.; Chandler, L.; Wardell, Robert P.; Stives, Douglas P.; Sefing, F.; Hill, C.; 1927; 1935; 1932; 1959; 1968; 1919; 1916 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Winter 1974

4. CX252 CX252 Woolley, P.; Leidy, J.; Lake, E.; Sudholtz, L.; Kittelberger; Pennington, C.; Lynch, C.; Britton, C.; Schwartz, F.; Metz, J.; Cottrell; Osborn, Harry Brooks, Jr.; Kear, Frank Gregg; Maise, D.; Molitor, A.; Welch, M.; Eisenbrown, P.; Hansen, W.; Roudabush, B.; Vaughn, D.; Stevenson, F.; Smith, R.; 1925-26 From 1927 Epitome

5. F4224 F4224 Schweiker, R.; Connery, W.P.; Sims, Ivor D.P.; Colclough, W. Frederick; 1933 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, July 1970

6. F6183 F6183 Denman, J.; Balliet, D.; Nicholson, A.R.; Ordway, G.; Enbody, A.B.; VanCleve, J.M.; Warriner, R.C.; Adams, H.; Floyd, R.D.; Donohoe, J.P.; Roderick, T.C.; Teal, C.B.; VanMeter, E.P.; Wooden, W.B.; Shepp, E.M. Pasted into frame, all identified; copy

7. BS0729 BS0729 Stevens, P.; Parker, L.P.; Eby, R.; Ehlers, H.; 1962 Copy ca. 1961; includes info.

8. F5379 F5379 Hill, B.; Hanks, P.; Hall, R.; Tusky, P.; 1981; 1982; 1984 See Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Fall 1980 (lifting weights)

9. F6476 F6476 Bronner, E.; Caldwell, L.; Polaha, M.; Duke, D.; McCaffery, F.; Keglovits, A.; Queenan, D.; Layer, S.; Breder, B.; Fenton, A.; Androlewicz, M.; Rudman, P.; Berliner, G.; Olayinka, C.; Martin, T.; Cheslock, W.; Russell, T.; Rogers, D.; O'Hara, M.; Sauers, R.; Farkas, F.; Sclar, P.; 1988 Formal team shot, all identified on back

10. F5295 F5295 Dent, P.; Dent, Charles W. (Charlie); Dent, Harry C.; Dent, P.; 1981; 1940; 1906; 1952 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Reunion 1980 (from Harry, age 97, on down)

11. F1020 F1020 Trumbull, W.P.; Pfenning, R.A.; Mills, Robert H.; Luh, F.S.; Stone, R.L.; Koch, A.P.; Business and Economics From 1971 Epitome

12. CX225 CX225 Snyder, G.; Huber, R.F.; Bell, S.K.; Haldeman, S.T.; Rice, R.M.; Ritchie, P.; Morgan, F.B.; Faxon, H.C.; Ancona, F.B.; Enslin, E.; Doan, W.D.; Doan, Gilbert Everett, 1897-1970; Munoz, A.L.; Tomlinson, C.N.; Gerber, E.P.; Speakman, F.B.; Mayers, A.G.; Pengelly, T.S.; 1920 From E.L. Forstall

13. CX307 CX307 Jones; Clingerman, Chester P.; Hayes, Edwin P., Edwin P.; Crowther, John Summerfield, Jr.; James, John R.; Lowenstein; Cupitt, A. Warren; Dent, J.A.; Lueders, Thomas Henry; Fear, Thomas George; Grimball, William Heyward; Dean, Dion Kanouse; March, Paul Donald; Lotz, Charles W.; Wait, J. Russell; Burkey, Harvey Miller; 1906 Group in station. (names attached) (see also cx308)

14. F1706 F1706 Bulls, G.P.; Shaner, J.P.; Hamelton, A.C. News release attached

15. NG1577 NG1577 Adams, Jospeh P., Jr.; Bartholomew, F.; Tiffany, P.; Brandfass, Robert T.; Stevens, R.; Stone, George? 6 men sharing reading material in living room

16. CX253 CX253 Vaughn, D.; Lynch, C.; Norvig, A.; Kelly, D.; Barnes, G.; Sudholtz, L.; Stevenson, F.; Hansen, W.; Schwartz, F.; Eisenbrown, P.; Dancy, J.; Metz, J.; Schreiner, L.; Cottrell, D.; Kittelberger; Britton, C.; Molitor, A.; Lake, E.; Vaughn, G.; 1926-27 From 1928 Epitome

17. BS0898 BS0898 Hazenbuch; Yake; Cosgrove; Muthart; White, A.; Cooke; White, P.; Cole; 1911-12 Copy; includes info.

18. BS1934 BS1934 Bond, L.; Stern, P.; Luce, Donald C.; Maxwell, T.; 1924 4 men sitting on wall

19. BS2120 BS2120 Kleck, T.; Willman, G.; Stives, Douglas P.; Croll, Samuel W., Jr.; 1970; 1971; 1968; 1948 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Winter 1975

20. BS2238 BS2238 Sgambelluri, D.; Sturiale, P.; Sgambelluri, F.; Sturiale, F.; 1952; 1981 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Winter 1978 (fathers and daughters)
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results 1-20 of 165 item(s)  page 1 of 9 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  >> ) :: previous : next
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