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Subject - Name
Richards, Joseph Willi... (39)
Richards, Charles Russ (24)
Richards, Berry G. (Be... (6)
1938 (5)
Sisson, D. (5)
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Year Range
1994 (15)
1960? (6)
1930? (5)
1992 (4)
1930 (3)
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 Image: Reference: Subject - Name: Description / Note:

1. F6816 F6816 Morrow, Kathy; Richards, K.; Richards, Berry G. (Berry Gargal), 1930-; Wiles-Young, Sharon L.; Ruhf, Theresa (Terry); Pfingstle, B.; Merle, Maria I.; Shaw, D. Hands on action on June 29

2. BS3467 BS3467 Richards, Joseph William shot of his mother Bridget Harvey Richards

3. BS3468 BS3468 Richards, Joseph William shot of sister Florence Harvey Richards

4. BA11_13g BA11_13g Photo of the site of Richards House

5. F9418 F9418 Richards House on a winter night; snow covers the ground; copy of an original photo taken in February of 1947

6. F5755 F5755 Group of girls in hats & Richards 3b t-shirts singing?

7. F7436 F7436 Richards, Charles Russ; Richardson, E.C.; Leach, Howard Seavoy, b. 1887 ; Burley, J.L.; Visscher, T.C.; Grace, Eugene G. (Eugene Gifford), 1876-1960; 1992 Linderman dedication: President Richards, guest speaker Richardson, library director Leach, architects Burley and Visscher, and trustee Grace at new Linderman steps.

8. F7752 F7752 Shot from southeast. good shot of the entrance of richards house. part of the Drinker House can be seen, Gamma Phi Beta on the hill.

9. F7753 F7753 Wall plaque of Richards house

10. CX065 CX065 Connelly; Stewart, M.; Larkin, Frederick V.; Howell, Miss; Richards, Charles Russ; Jennings, B.; Butterfield, T.E.; Klein, A.;; first class at Packard ""Seniors in tuxedos"" 27 people in all

11. CX243 CX243 Richards, Berry G. (Berry Gargal), 1930-

12. F0107 F0107

13. BS0321 BS0321 Bach; Crawford; Green; Halsted; Grumbach; Ostrom; Scruggs; Hever; Mudge; Sawtelle; Cahill; Bigelow; Tate; Keady; Maginnes; Richards; Hallowell; Chenoweth, Albert Wayne; 1915 Copy

14. BS0322 BS0322 Sheridan; Alden; McCarthy; Richards; MacIsaacs; Johnson; Brunner; Quist; Pons; deWysocki; McCarthy, K.; Albert Wayne; Knoss; MacDonald; Halsted; Maginnes; Tate; Robinson; Good; Bach; Harrington; Hurley; Young; Becker; Pursel; Ayrault; 1916 Copy

15. BS0453 BS0453 Schaefer; Hopkins; Richards; Wells; Rabold; Gowing; Barnhart; Rista; Parsons; Gumliffe; Bowen; Harcher; Evans; Kanaly, Morris E.; Enstine; Travis; Craig; Morrow; Shear; Shoemaker, W.G.; Tompkins; Clark; Santmyers; Hurst; Gordon; Heller; Davis; Shoemaker, E.M.; Snyder; 1937 (ran out of room for names) copy

16. BS0454 BS0454 Barnhart; Bowen; Kremer; Matteson; Decker; Constantine; O'Meara; Brandt; Faber; Elmer; Naegely; Stefko; Csellak; Rehm; Parsons; Homiller; Rabold; Morrow; Mickley; Marshall; Bullstein; Dudman; Myers; Richards; Kanaly, Morris E.; Wells; Travis; Roechmeyer; Evans; 1938 31 men; copy

17. BS0552 BS0552 Richards, Charles Russ Cornerstone laying

18. BS0579 BS0579 Whitten, Leslie H., 1928-, III; Whitten, Mrs.; Richards, Berry G. (Berry Gargal), 1930- Examining father's material

19. BS0646 BS0646 Gates, Thomas S.; Richards, Charles Russ; 1931 In academic robes

20. BS0647 BS0647 Gates, Thomas S.; Richards, Charles Russ; 1931 With another man and a woman
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results 1-20 of 240 item(s)  page 1 of 12 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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