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Lehigh University Must... (17)
Mills, Robert h.; Busi... (14)
Cutler, Robert B. (13)
Billinger, R. D. (Robe... (8)
Lamberton, Robert Alex... (8)
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Year Range
1970? (23)
1975?-1990? (9)
1960? (8)
1970 (6)
1985? (6)
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1. BS0380 BS0380 Adams; Laird; Wilson, Warren E.; Kanaly, Morris; Fiscus; Beerman; Aitken, Donald G.; Lange, George D.; Chickering, Kenneth B.; Sames, Harry B.; Gadd, Robert F.; 1927 11 men; copy

2. NG1577 NG1577 Adams, Jospeh P., Jr.; Bartholomew, F.; Tiffany, P.; Brandfass, Robert T.; Stevens, R.; Stone, George? 6 men sharing reading material in living room

3. BS1652 BS1652 Adams, Robert Burdette (Bob) In baseball uniform (from collage)

4. NG2273 NG2273 Adelaar, Robert S.

5. CX500 CX500 Adolph Gustave Wuethrich

6. CY214 CY214 Aman, CL; Burlingame, RA; Fulton, AO; Hoppin, GH; Lawyer, CM; McIntosh, HA; Mercur, RA; Sheridan, TH; Shorkley, CC; Spiers, GD; Street, RH; Treat, LB; Troutman, FE; Westerbeke, JH Transferred from Athletic Department, Robert Kauffman

7. F1213 F1213 Amico, A.; LaPara, Nicholas A.; Meadowcroft, R.T.; Conyers, Evan W.; Leibowitz, M.B.; Davis, L.; Green, J.S.; Griep, A.; Haynes, Thomas M.; Hillman, Donald J.; Kasarda, Andrew J.; Barnes, Robert F., Jr.; Humes, J.W.; Melchert, Norman; Lindgren, J. Ralph From 1971 Epitome

8. DE01-25-02 DE01-25-02 Amols, Robert T.

9. DE01-25-04 DE01-25-04 Amols, Robert T., Sinclair, Kenneth

10. DE01-25-03 DE01-25-03 Amols, Robert T.; Kendi, Robert; Sinclair, Kenneth

11. DE01-25-01 DE01-25-01 Amols, Robert T.; Sinclair, Kenneth Given by Robert T. Amols

12. BS4107 BS4107 Asburner, Robert

13. F5000 F5000 Bailey; Kampschulte, Robert H.; Peck; 1937 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Winter 1977 (fishing trip, with 4 others)

14. CY220 CY220 Baker; Clark; Demarest; Doering; Drobek; Fisher; Gadd; Gormley; Halsted; Klippert; Platsky; Rauch; Robb; Serfass; Stein; Suvalsky; Tale, AA; Ware, AT Transferred from Athletic Department, Robert Kauffman

15. CX198 CX198 Baker; Wilmort; Harrier, Robert A.; Blood, Ted; Fearnside, George W.; Riefle, James E.; Ketterer, Paul; Laudig, John B.; Trafford, Frederick Thomas; Hopkins; Nutting, Harry O.; Rudsdale; Giles, Edwin, Miles, Irving B.; Martindale, Harry Turner; Zug, Charles K.; Castor, Norman R.; 1926 17 men

16. CY216 CY216 Baker, F; Best, JW; Floyd, RD; Gadd, LL; Houston, EA; Keys, J; McClung, M; Okeson, WR; Ondway, G; Roderick, TC; Stratford, HR; Thurston, JW; Trafton, CE; Wooden, WH Transferred from Athletic Department, Robert Kauffman

17. NG2445 NG2445 Baker, Robert A.

18. AC01-24-14 AC01-24-14 Ballenger, Robert; Burtner, Philip A.; Krow, Christopher A. Awards Undergrad & Grad (L to R) Robert Ballenger, Philip A. Burtner, Christopher A. Krow

19. NG2311 NG2311 Ballett, Robert W.

20. F3374 F3374 Bander, B.; Lewis, W. Deming (Willard Deming), 1915-1989; Tinnana, J.; Stable, D.B. [Stabler, Donald B.?]; Leverich, D.; Harrier, Robert A. 6 men
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results 1-20 of 518 item(s)  page 1 of 26 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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