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1. F9520 F9520 Simpson, Dale R. Dale R. Simpson, Faculty, Geology

2. BS0342 BS0342 Rose; Walker; Harmeson; Hauserman; Westerman; Prelle; Brant; Loomis; Leschen; Kromer; Duyckinck; Thomas; Walton; Grossman; Heins; Simpson; Cox; Smoke; Wertz; Chadwick; Kirkpatrick; Snyder; Famighetti; Campbell; Rabold; Ayer; Loveland; Danshaw; Strohman; 1938 (ran out of room for names) copy

3. BS0343 BS0343 Walton; Eastlake; Fredrick; Prelle; Ambrogi; Smoke; Leschen; Westerman; McCaa; Grossman; Thomas; Rosenfeld; Collins; Good; Harmeson; Shireman; Rogers; Duyckinck; Cox; Feucht; Fincke; Brandt; Huntoon; Simpson; Houserman; Conover; Danshaw; McConnell; 1939 Copy

4. BS0344 BS0344 Westerman; Reuwer; McConnell; Harmeson; Ambrogi; Hayes; Cavanaugh; McCaa; Kaszchi; Rodgers; Grossman; Kotulak; Hauserman; Prelle; Smoke; Simpson; Golden; Boynton; Lindsay; Lampert; 1940 Copy

5. BS0458 BS0458 Gordon; Rugg; Morris; Franck; Messinger; Brownlee; Rumsey; Sturges; Curtis; Wellenkamp; Seigle; Simpson; Diggs; Evans; Little; Clark; Baker; Schwarz; Elmers; Ambrogi; Bauder; Chamberlain; Brough; Schumacher; Pugh; Fox; Hume; Austin; Chiles; Ponisi; Dieh; 1942 (ran out of room for names) 37 men; copy

6. F1151 F1151 Peters, J.; Parks, James M., 1925-2005 ; Simpson, Dale R.; McLeroy, Donald F.; Ryan, J. Donald (John Donald) 1921-; Myers, Paul Benton, 1933- ; Sclar, Charles B.; Miller, G.H.; Connelly, J.; Veitch, J.; Stephens, G. From 1971 Epitome

7. BS1891 BS1891 Evans; Woefel; Scott; Knowland; Shelly; Hess; O'Meara; Simpson; Adam; Palmer; Wells; Malinowski; Kernet; Campbell; Hood; Morrissey; Chamberlain; Folwell; Bernasco; Karra; Wright; Gregg; Butler; 1938-1939 Copy

8. BS1892 BS1892 Morrissey; Chamberlain; Moss; Mayer; Folwell; Melinowski; Kornet; Simpson; Evans; Palmer; O'Meara; Gregg; Wright; MacFeeters; Scott; Mulhausen; 1939-1940 Copy

9. F4610 F4610 Hill, A.; Epstein, J.; Simpson, O.J.; 1947 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Winter 1973 (with stars)

10. F8799 F8799 Simpson, Dale Mordenite is used to clean air and water from substances

11. F8808 F8808 Moses,Carl O.; Meltzer,Anne; Kodama,Ken; Roman,Nancy; Zeitler, Peter; Myers,Paul; Simpson,Dale; Anastasio,Dave; Evenson,Ed; Carson,Bobb; Yasko,George; Mastroianni,Scott (front row, left to right) Carl O. Moses, Anne Meltzer, Ken Kodama, Nancy Roman, Peter Zeitler, Paul Myers (back row) Dale Simpson, Dave Anastasio, Ed Evenson, Bobb Carson, George Yasko and Scott Mastroianni....

12. F1631 F1631 Wolfe, M.; Deal, J.; Roth, M.; Steinmann, R.; Plank, E.; Perlow, Michael, Jr. (Mike); Wilson, D.; Fetters, C.; Simpson, R.; Knoche, T. From 1971 Epitome

13. F1876 F1876 Myers, Siegel, Dufour; Enscoe, Hall, Iferr; Baldwin, H.W.; Sprague, Taylor W.B.; Ayers, H.B.; Simpson; Yates; Enscoe, Wilson, J.R.; Jackson; Morgan; Laramy; Bromer; Walters; Lewis; Ayays, W.S.; Amador; Buvinger; Thurston, J.W.; 1896 25 men, all identified
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results 1-13 of 13 item(s)  page 1 of 1 : ( <<  1  >> ) :: previous : next
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