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Subject - Name
Lewis, W. Deming (Will... (77)
Likins, Peter, W. (32)
Glick, Elmer W. (14)
Likins, Peter W. (11)
Lewis, W. Deming (10)
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Year Range
1983-1984 (280)
1960? (59)
1970? (29)
1987 (20)
1975?-1990? (14)
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1. CY153 CY153 Laramy, R.E.; Thurston, J.W.; Marvin, C.F.; Jessup, A.B.; Ayars, W.S.; Pool, M.W.; Nare, A.L.; Burley, J.L.; Merrill, W.S.; Wilbur, Warren A.W.; McKenzie, F.A.; Anderson, W.C.; Elmore, T.P.; Grissinger, E.H. ""original board"" (presented to LU in 1942)

2. F1053 F1053 Simmons, C.W.; DeGray, R.G.; Martin, J.M.; Smull, Judson G.; Billinger, R. D. (Robert Dominick), 1899-1980 ; Williams, W.W.; Ewing, Warren W.; Theis, Edward R.; Hazelhurst, Thomas H.; Beck, George Carlton; Miller, W.S.; Frantz, A.J.; Babasinian, Vahan S. (Vahan Simon); Ullmann, Harry M.; Diefenderfer, Alpha A. ; Long, James Scott (Shorty); Anderson, H.V. (Harold Victor) b. 1890 Ident. on back

3. F1553 F1553 Smyth, A.M.; Jones, W.S.; Barnard, R.P.; Moffett, C.; Morris, R.; Woodall, H.R.; Lincoln, J.J.; Weihe, F.A.; Duckham, A.E.; Diebitsch, Emil; Hudson, C.W.; Berger, S.E.; Bates, A.; Carson, H.M.; Johnston, A.; Dickerson, C.E.; Harris, G.W.; Cornelius, W.A.; Oberly, A.D.; Cornelius, J.C.; Butterworth, W.; Walker, C.; 1889 Includes wives, all identified

4. CY015 CY015 Daggett, H.M.; Underwood, W.E.; Boyt, J.; Curtis, B.O.; Ayars, W.S.; Heisey, G.D.; Hall, D.; Dessauer, S.M.; Thorn, C.W.; Thurston, J.W.; Wilson, D.W.; Chasman, G.H.; Given, J.B.; 1896-97 13 men

5. BS0300 BS0300 Baker, F.; Gadd, L.L.; Thurston, J.W.; Keys, J.; Okeson, Walter Raleigh; Stratford, H.R.; Houston, E.A.; Best, J.W.; Roderick, T.C.; Wooden, W.H.; McClung, M.; Ordway, G.; Floyd, R.D.; Trafton, C.E.; 1893 Copy

6. BS0667 BS0667 Lewis, A.E.; Pierce, W.R.; Smith; Ledoux, John Walter; Dougherty, J.W.; Lee, R.W.; 1886 11 men in uniform; includes info.

7. BS0914 BS0914 Kehler; Springsteen, W.W.; Fisher, H.W.; Mitman, F.S.; Lingle; Harper; Lees; Hartung; Henschen; 1921-22 Copy; includes info.

8. BS1583 BS1583 Godshalk; Reynolds; Stauffer, C.R.; Buck; Robinson, M.W.; Burke; O'Neil; Nutting; Martin; Stauffer, W.K.; Kittinger; Raleigh; Lewis; Schwimmer; Hess; Lister; Law, J.G.; Pakenheim; Robinson, H.W.; Widdowfield; Roberts; Law, H.; Miller; 1926 Copy

9. F1495 F1495 Maginnes, W.D.?; Colby; Davidson; Keady; Hurley; Twombley, E.; Maginnes, W.D.; Fishburn; Johnson, M.E.; McCarthy, J.D.; Winterhalter, W.C.; Connell, A.F.; Twombley, C.E.; Mathag, N.; Achorn, A.H.; Lees, J.K.; 1917 11 men in uniform, 5 coaches

10. F1218 F1218 Radin, Shelden H. ; Folk, Robert T.; Van Sciver, Wesley J.; Borse, G. J. (Garold J.); Shaffer, Russell A.; Curtis, Cassius W.; Smith, Wesley R.; Jones, C.; Nelson, W.; Kim, Yong W.; Spatz, Wilbur DeVilla Bernhart; Wheeler, Donald B.; Bergmann, E.E.; Kanofsky, Alvin S. Published in 1971 Epitome

11. F4361 F4361 Brogowski, W. Paul Paul; Beck, R.; Feuerbach, William F.; Borgeson, A. Bruce; Grannatt, Milton H., III; Lewis, R.; Farrand, George N.; Lewis, W. Deming (Willard Deming), 1915-1989; Borner, Russell E., Jr.; Astarita, Sandford W. From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, May 1971

12. F5728 F5728 Tremper, J.; Armstrong, Ray Livingstone, 1910-; Neville, H.; Van Arnam, Ralph N.; Curtis, C.; Billinger, R.D. (Robert Dominick); Dilworth, Ernest; Cutler, Edward Hutchins; Latshaw, Voris W.; de Neufville, Albert W.; Spatz, W.; Leith, D. From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Fall 1976

13. F1293 F1293 Groover, Mikell P; Adams, J.W.; Gould, Arthur F.; Shiveley, M.W.; Powers, J.W.; Smith, W.A.; Kane, George E. ; Gewehr, Wesley H.; Landis, J.D.; Monro, Sutton; Richardson, Wallace J.; Whitehouse, Gary E., 1938- From 1971 Epitome

14. F1500 F1500 Detwiler, C.H.; Coates, Frank R.; Blunt, W.W.; Balliet, D.; Mercur, R.S.; Cullum, J.B.; Warriner, Samuel D.; Dashiell, P.J.; Walker, C.; Riddick, W.C.; Rafferty, J.P.; Hutchinson, G.C.; Reese, A.K.; Cope, W.S.; Emery, D.; Downey, R.A.; 1889 Copy (not good)

15. AC01-05-06 AC01-05-06 Glick, Elmer W.; Schmoyer, Donald W. Elmer W. Glick '33 and Donald W. Schmoyer '44 on a typical working day

16. AC01-05-07 AC01-05-07 Glick, Elmer W.; Schmoyer, Donald W. Donald W. Schmoyer '44 (left), assistant treasurer, and Elmer W. Glick '33 prepare for an upcoming meeting

17. AC01-05-09 AC01-05-09 Glick, Elmer W.; Schmoyer, Donald W. Elmer W. Glick '33 and Donald W. Schmoyer '44 looking over papers at desk

18. F1876 F1876 Myers, Siegel, Dufour; Enscoe, Hall, Iferr; Baldwin, H.W.; Sprague, Taylor W.B.; Ayers, H.B.; Simpson; Yates; Enscoe, Wilson, J.R.; Jackson; Morgan; Laramy; Bromer; Walters; Lewis; Ayays, W.S.; Amador; Buvinger; Thurston, J.W.; 1896 25 men, all identified

19. CY001 CY001 Daggett, H.M.; Underwood, W.E.; Boyt, J.; Curtis, B.O.; Ayars, W.S.; Chasmar, G.H.; Hall, D.; Dessauer, S.M.; Given, J.B.; Thorn, C.W.; Thurston, J.W.; 1898 13 men

20. CY011 CY011 Thurston, J.W.; Dickerman, William C.; Wilson, D.W.; Ayers, H.B.; Given, J.B.; Laramy, R.E.; Ayars, W.S.; Daball, F.A.; Williams, D.S.; Lord, C.W.; 1896 10 men
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results 1-20 of 1469 item(s)  page 1 of 74 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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