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Subject - Name
Lehigh University Must... (21)
Whitman, Christine Tod... (9)
Farrington, Gregory C. (6)
Lewis, W. Deming (4)
Neville, Harvey (4)
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Year Range
2002 (84)
1985-1995 (10)
1990-1995 (9)
1960-1965 (7)
1990-2000 (7)
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 Image: Reference: Subject - Name: Description / Note:

1. SC Photo 0030.01.018 SC Photo 0030.01.018 Lehigh Valley Railroad car 354 with banner reading LEHIGH UNIVERSITY FOOTBALL TEAM CHAMPION OF PENNSYLVANIA (man with bowler hat standing on track, man standing on car) (upper right corner missing)

2. BS0424 BS0424 Lawrence; Baird; Trotter; VanNort; Wotring; Smith; Knox; LeVan; Gorman; Standing; Graham; Williams; Connor; Dawson; Crocker; Riley; Lawrence; Cox; VanBlarcom; Kennedy; Schultz; 1910 21 men; copy

3. BS1700 BS1700 Kellner; Williams; Burhouse; Chapin; Byers; Herman; Weiner; Carpenter, H.; Standing; Hammond; Fountain; Miller; Gold; French; Hart; 1931 Copy

4. BS1701 BS1701 Bolton; Williams; Weiner; Chapin; Carpenter; Strausberg; Hazen; Standing; Strub; Earich; Berg; Fountain; Gold; French; Abbe; Burhouse; 1932 Copy

5. BS1702 BS1702 Carpenter; Cox; Colbaugh; Turner, C.A.; Bigelow; Turner, R.J.; Brunn; Bishop; Smith; Bolton; Berg; Standing; Gearhart, F.L.; Earich; Abbe; Koman; Williams; 1933 Copy

6. F7972 F7972 Schaffer; Fuller; Harris; Radding; Levin; Fismer; McIlwraith; McGinley; Charlton; Engel; Barrow; Bishop; Canova; Tether; Hertel; Peterson; Peck; Stutz; Brunn; Urken; Aroniss; Hutt; Bewley; Issel; Stobaeus; Nelson; Weidner; Sittler; Williams; Matesky; Clarke; Rosenheim; McCandless; Loughran; Demarest; Cottrell; Holt; Everett; Grier; Anderson; Bohning; Ehlers; Tyler; Haynes; Van Scoy; Pangburn; Straub; Merriam; Wood; Fortmann; Quinn; Bavington; Stiles; Roper; Lindabury; Pelizzoni; Standing; Morgan; Plumb; Yotter; Sills; Olofson; Brodhead; Morse; Konolige; Riley; Raring; Strubhar; Porter; Gould; McLeod; Billheimer; Voorhees; Koondel; Jacobi; Alper; Beidler; McDowell; Prior; Montbach; Turner; Lubbers; Scholl; Denise; Sadtler; Geiger; Hower; Coxe; Howells; Rust Class of 1934 in front of Williams Hall for 50th reunion photo.

7. BA18_170 BA18_170 Commencement 2002. Group of graduates standings, one talking on phone, another standing on chair

8. F9161 F9161 Man standing in front of podium

9. F9191 F9191 Two Men Standing

10. F9281 F9281 Female student standing on top of Grace Hall with gun

11. F9289 F9289 Female student standing in flower blossoms

12. F9290 F9290 Students standing in residence hall corridor

13. Football-03-34 Football-03-34 Cooley, Michael Coach Michael Cooley standing with football and players with jersey numbers 14, 81, 4?, 86, and 65 standing next to him.

14. AC01-05-13 AC01-05-13 Glick, Elmer W. Elmer W. Glick '33 standing next to painting

15. AC01-05-17 AC01-05-17 Lewis, W. Deming President W. Deming Lewis off to forum Standing Committee Meeting with three other men

16. AC01-05-18 AC01-05-18 Lewis, W. Deming President W. Deming Lewis speaking outside with standing crowd in bleachers

17. AC01-05-19 AC01-05-19 Lewis, W. Deming W. Deming Lewis standing behind Lehigh podium and speaking

18. AC01-08-20 AC01-08-20 No name - 3 men standing

19. AC01-10-08 AC01-10-08 2 men at Alumni Athletic Dinner 2 men standing behind Lehigh sign, one holding up hand

20. BA50_12 BA50_12 Rossin, Peter C. Peter Rossin standing
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results 1-20 of 286 item(s)  page 1 of 15 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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