"Villainy Detected!" Crime and Consequences in Britain and America in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
Villainy Detected

Lillian De La Torre's 1947 Villainy Detected served as an inspiration for the title of our project. De La Torre's work is an example of the fascination with eighteenth- and nineteenth-century crime and its consequences. The materials on our site demonstrate the continuing appeal of these topics and those who wrote about them.

Our initial aim was to digitize the 1824 Newgate Calendars but soon found faculty interested in additional research and teaching resources. In association with faculty advisors, staff identified, scanned, and described materials. Along with these materials, we provide electronic resources located elsewhere. The result is a growing list of books, pamphlets, journal articles, and web sites.

Although we provide a topical outline for the site, a number of materials will appear in various headings.

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