"Villainy Detected!" Crime and Consequences in Britain and America in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
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  1. Mornings at Bow Street. A selection of the most humourous and entertaining reports which have appeared in the Morning Herald with twenty-one illustrative drawings by George Cruikshank.
    This collection makes light of a great number of news stories that appeared in the Morning Herald in the early 19th century. The author took the original stories and compiled them after making "some necessary enlargements and corrections, and in a somewhat more finished state than the rapid demands of a daily paper allowed." Included are illustrations that add to the humor of this collection.
    Book. 1824
  2. Skillman's New York Police Reports.
    In this book, the author seeks to educate the public about the "art and devices which are resorted to by the idle and iniquitous" for not only enlightenment but also amusement.
    Book. 1830
  3. [External Resource] The Nether Side of New York; or, the Vice, Crime and Poverty of the Great Metropolis
    This work chronicles the crime in New York, from 1868 to 1871. Crapsey, a journalist for the newspaper The Galaxy, seeks to provide the public with his observations and conclusions about the Nether side of New York.
    Book. 1872
  4. Detectives of Europe and America, or Life in the Secret Service...
    Detectives of Europe and America, or Life in the Secret Service: A Selection of Celebrated Cases in Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Poland, Egypt, and America. A Revelation of Struggles and Triumphs of the most Renowned Detectives on the Globe for the Past Twenty-Five Years. Profusely Illustrated.
    Book. 1879
  5. [External Resource] A Tragic Mystery: From the Diary of Inspector Byrnes
    Based on the diary of Inspector Thomas Byrnes, this text tells the story of the murder of wineshop owner Louis Hanier in New York and the search for and capture of his killer.
    Book. 1887
  6. Identification by finger-tips
    Galton discusses the use of fingerprints to identify persons, naming specific instances where it could be utilized, such as in criminal investigations. He explains the methods behind employing fingerprints as an identification tool (illustrations are provided) in detail.
    Article. 1891
  7. Professional Criminals of America: New and Revised Edition.
    The late chief or police of New York City and author of this book hoped that the publication would deter people from crime. He explained the methods of American professional criminals and gave details on 204 specific criminals. Additional information is also given on specific laws per state on punishment of criminals and a list of state prisons, penitentiaries, and reformatories.
    Book. 1895
  8. Crime in current literature
    The author discusses how literature (novels and plays) about crime and criminals may increases the public's enchantment with it. The author goes on to discuss how much of the literature of the time pertains to this topic. Detective stories are of particular interest in this article. The author is greatly concerned with the moral repercussions that this literature has on society.
    Article. 1897
  9. [External Resource] Crime and Punishment
    This website contains the contemporary crime records of Powys Country, Wales. These records chronicle the crimes and the way the offenders were dealt with by the authorities in the counties of Montgomeryshire, Radnorshire, and Breconshire.
    Website. 1999
  10. [External Resource] Crime and the Victorians
    Professor Clive Emsley's article discusses the statistics, sensational crimes, criminal classes, penal policies and detective policing related to crime in Victorian Britain. The website provides additional information on people and events as well as links to related articles.
    Website. 2001
  11. [External Resource] The Victorian Dictionary
    This website presents a searchable index of Lee Jackson's favorite selections from his work The Victorian Dictionary. The Victorian Dictionary is an illustrated A to Z guide to the Victorian London.
    Website. 2001
  12. [External Resource] The Metropolitan Police
    The Victorian Web is resource for literature, history and culture in the age of Victoria.
    Website. 2002
  13. [External Resource] Early Modern Crime and the Law: Glossary
    This website is a glossary of Early Modern Crime in England and Wales. This glossary was compiled using a number of sources in print and online.
    Website. 2004
  14. [External Resource] Law and Order in Enlightenment Edinburgh
    This article on the BBC website describes the establishment of the Town Guard in Edinburgh, Scotland in the late seventeenth century to fight the rise in crime in the city. It also describes how the Town Guard's methods caused it to fall out of favor and be replaced by the Edinburgh Police Force in 1805.
    Website. 2004?-
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