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Joseph Horsefield Kummer Papers

Archival Description

Title: Joseph Horsefield Kummer Papers
Quantity: 2 boxes
Identification: PP KJH
Language of Material: German
Location: Moravian Church Archives
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A high proportion of this material is preserved in notebooks containing manuscript copies of the primary sources. Most are in English, but a few are in German script. The major areas are as follows:

Correspondence: largely a notebook of handwritten copies of letters to Joseph H. Kummer in his earlier years
Writings: diaries of Joseph H. Kummer while assisting at missions in the West Indies during the 1840s and 1850s, plus miscellaneous earlier birthday poems and devotional slips
Memoirs and Obituaries of numerous family members, with lists of names and birth/death dates
Genealogical information: small slips apparently contributed by various persons, a transcript of the 1752 trial of Huguenot Francoise Benezet, and an organized notebook of family history by John David Wolle
Documentation: Maria Louisa Wolle's album dated 1833-1845, and a few clippiings
This Collection offers an overview of the interrelationships of several generations and extended families. It does not contain papers related to Joseph H. Kummer's later pastoral work.


Joseph Horsfield Kummer (1820-1897) was a missionary, educator, pastor, and compiler of family history. Son of John Jacob Kummer and Maria Horsfield Kummer, he researched and gathered data on ancestors of the Benezet, Beck, Stach, and Horsfield families.

Custodial History

Items in this Collection were preserved through the Wolle family, as Joseph H. Kummer's sister Maria Louisa Kummer had married Edwin Peter Wolle (1812-1889), second son of John Frederick Wolle. Most of the items were donated to the Archives in 1969 by Aubrey Bevan Wolle, who was grand-nephew of Edwin Peter Wolle, grandson of Edwin Peter's younger brother Augustus Wolle, and great-grandson of John Frederick Wolle.

This Collection was organized in 2010 by Pauline Fox.


Joseph Horsefield Kummer Papers
1. Correspondence
1. Correspondence of family members Joseph and Elizabeth Horsfield to their daughter Sarah, 1818, and Susan Kummer to her sister Louisa, 1854
Date: 1818 - 1854
Physical Description: 1 folder
2. Notebook of copied correspondence
Date: 1893
Physical Description: 1 item
Note: Hand written copies of letters dated 1836-1845, from "Cousin Susannah David, Aunt Sarah Horsfield, and my dear sweet sister Elizabeth Benezet Kummer married to Br. D.Z. Smith of the Cherokee Mission among the Indians"
3. Bound volume of pasted correspondence, with envelopes
Date: 1895 - 1897
Physical Description: 1 item
2. Writings
4. Birthday poems to John J. Kummer
Date: 1805 - 1808
Physical Description: 1 folder
5. Poems and devotional writings
Date: 1842 - 1845
Physical Description: 1 folder
6. Missions Diaries
Date: 1842 - 1854
Physical Description: 1 folder
1. 1842-1844
2. [1845-1847] missing
3. January 1, 1848-July 31, 1850
4. August 2, 1850-June 10, 1854
Note: "Records and Recollections" of Joseph Horsfield Kummer while serving as assistant at various missions in the West Indies
3. Memoirs and Obituaries
7. Memoirs
Date: 1813 - 1913
Physical Description: 1 folder
1. Memoirs #1-#5, 1813-1863
2. Memoirs #6-#10, 1842-1875
3. Memoirs #11-#14, 1900-1908
4. Memoirs #15-#18, 1860-1879
Note: A list of persons and dates is included. Some items appear to be original, some are later copies, and some are missing.
8. Memoirs
Date: 1830 - 1897
Physical Description: 1 folder
1. Memoir of Peggy (1809-1830) "our coloured girl" brought from Bethany, N.C., by "Br. and Sr. Kummer," then freed in Pennsylvania and indentured. This item is in poor condition.
2. Memoir of Susannah David Bartow (1775-1843)
3. Copied obituaries of Joseph Horsfield Kummer, from Lancaster newspapers "Intelligencer" and "Daily Times" on April 23, 1897.
9. Bound volume of copies of memoirs
Date: 1897
Physical Description: 1 item
Note: Memoirs of family members spanning 1777-1897 were copied by Joseph Horsfield Kummer into this book. A list of names and dates is included. Horsfield included his own "Items of my life and pilgrimage."
4. Genealogical Information
10. Clippings from Bartow Family Bible
Date: 1771 - 1779
Physical Description: 1 folder
11. "Beck, Stach, & Kummer Family Record"
Date: 1895 - 1899
Physical Description: 1 item
12. Transcript of 1752 trial of Francois Benezet
Date: 1897
Physical Description: 1 item
13. Drawing of Benezet Crest
Date: 1900
Physical Description: 1 folder
Note: Date of drawing by B.B. Nostrand, Jr., is estimated ca. 1900.
14. Notebook of genealogical information by families
Date: 1910
Physical Description: 1 item
Note: This research and writing was done by John David Wolle (1842-1915).
15. Genealogical notes on Benezet and Horsfield families
Date: 1950
Physical Description: 1 folder
Note: Notes were made by various persons.
5. Documentation
16. Album of Maria Louisa Kummer
Date: 1833 - 1845
Physical Description: 1 item
Note: The book contains autographs and poems of well-wishing.
17. Clippings
Date: 1920 - 1926
Physical Description: 1 folder