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Full Text: PLACE NAMES 73 Hanover Township; named for Hanover, Germany, the former home of many of the residents when (1798) the township was established. Hartzell, Upper Macungie Township ; for the Hartzell family. Hassen Creek, Upper Macungie and South Whitehall Townships; should be Haas Creek. Named for Henry Haas who built a grist and flour mill there in 1795. Haus, name appearing on Tanner's map (1830) in what is now Upper Macungie Township. Is probably intended for Haas. Hawktown, Hanover Township ; an old name applied to the east part of Catasauqua. A contemptuous term given because of undesirable inhabitants. Heidelberg Township; so named because of early settlers from the vicinity of Heidelberg, Germany. Township erected in 1752. Also written Heydelberg. Helfrich's Cave, Whitehall Township ; a small cave from which issues a large amount of water (Helfrich's Spring). Has also been called Indian Cave. See Cavern Spring. Helfrich('s) Spring, Whitehall Township; for the Helfrich family that once owned it. See Cavern (Cave) Spring. At different times received the names of other owners. Thus it has been called Grim Spring and Blank Spring. Helfrichsville, family name formerly applied to a small cluster of homes in south corner of Weisenberg Township. Hensingersville, Lower Macungie Township ; for Peter Hensinger, who built a hotel there in 1846. Also written Hensenger. Hillside, South Whitehall Township ; small settlement on side of hill. Hilltown, Allentown ; name once applied to a small settlement about three-fourths mile south of Wennersville, because near a small hill. Hoffman (Hoffmans), Washington Township; for Francis Hoffman, one time postmaster. The village is known as Friedens or Friedensville from the Friedens (Peace) Church located there. Hoffmansville; see Kernsville. Hokendauqua, Whitehall Township ; corrupted from Hakiundochwe, an Indian term signifying ""searching for land."" Was formerly ""Hockquandauquoa."" It is thought that perhaps the Indians gave the name when they observed some surveyors at work. First applied to stream. Other spellings found on maps are Hockandauqua Hockendoque Hockyondocquay Hookyondocque Hockendauqua Hockendoquo Hockyondoque Hoquendoquy Hockendauquo Hockiundaqua Hocqueondocy Hockendock Hockway and Hokendauqua Hockendocque Dockway Hookiendocque Holbensville; see Pleasant Corners. Hosensack. Hosensack Creek. Hosensack Hill, Lower Milford Township; it is said that the early German surveyors compelled to ""return from the valley by the same route taken in entering it"" gave the name of Hosensack (.pants pocket). Another explanation is that some German travelers compelled to spend a night in the valley remarked that ""es war so dunkel wie in einem hosensack"" (It was as dark as in a pants pocket). The village was earlier called Buckhorn. In Rogers' Third Annual Report (p. 21) it is written ""Hosacock"" and the same name appears on H. S. Tanner's map published in 1830.
Collection: Pennsylvania Geological Survey
Series: Fourth Series, Bulletin C 39
Book: Lehigh County Pennsylvania Geology & Geography
Imprint: Harrisburg, Pa.: Dept. of Internal Affairs, Topographic and Geologic Survey, 1941.
Section: Toponymy, Place names
Author: Benjamin L. Miller
Project Source: Lehigh University Digital Library Projects

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