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Guidebook to Places of Geologic Interest in the Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania (PDF 58.5 MB)
By Benjamin LeRoy Miller. Pennsylvania Geological Survey, Fourth Series, Bulletin G16, 1939.

This guidebook is of potentially great value to persons wanting an overview of geologic sites as well as some of the related economic history of the Lehigh valley. It includes "detailed itineraries", with mileages marked to various sites.

According to Miller, "this bulletin is intended primarily for the layman interested in geology, and so far as possible is written without the use of technical terms." In addition, Miller "has in mind fellow geologists who occasionally visit the region. The Lehigh Valley is easily accessible to students from a considerable number of educational institutions and from time to time parties of geological students are conducted to portions of the region". Finally, "for those persons who desire more detailed information, the forthcoming volumes of this Survey on the geography and geology of Lehigh and Northampton counties are recommended".

Department History (PDF 5.5 MB)
Geology at Lehigh University: Its History 1866-1966, by Bradford Willard.
Permission to reproduce in digital format granted by the EES Department at Lehigh University.

Miller Memorial, Alumni Bulletin (PDF 1.5 MB)
Silence of a Dreamless Sleep, by Robert D. Billinger. May 1944 Alumni Bulletin, p.11, 16.

Miller Memorial, American Mineralogist (PDF 1.25 MB)
By Duncan Stewart, Jr. American Mineralogist, 30: p.142-147 (1945).
Permission to reproduce in digital format granted by Mineralogical Society of America.

Miller Memorial, GSA (PDF 2.5 MB)
By George H. Ashley. Proceedings Volume of the Geological Society of America Annual Report for 1944, p. 277-286, pl. 17.
Permission to reproduce in digital format granted by GSA.